Introducing ForwardX Robotics – Smart Warehousing Solutions Available from Richmond

Richmond Rolling Solutions has partnered with ForwardX, a global leading person-to goods Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) solutions provider, to distribute its next generation products across Australia and New Zealand.

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Flex 60-T Series AMRs

The all-new Flex 60-T is a first-of-its-kind AMR with a unique docking and towing system that’s designed to work with Australian A and Z-base roll cages.

Flex Series AMRs

ForwardX Flex series mobile robots are scalable, flexible, and adaptable to fit your mixed piece- and case-packing needs.

Max Series AMRs

Max series mobile robots are the powerhouse that brings all the flexibility of Flex to your heavier case- and pallet-picking needs.

APEX Series AMRs

The ForwardX Apex series are the most intelligent autonomous forklits, creating a safer and more productive warehouse floor.



Below are some statistics from ForwardX Robotics on benefits of AMRs from real customers




Increase picking productivity by reducing wasted movement and increasing workflow efficiency.




Reach 99.99% picking accuracy using ForwardX mobile robots.




Deploy a fleet of AMRs in just 1 month, and scale up or down in a matter of weeks during peak seasons.




Expect immediate results with a 2–3x increase in productivity for a return on investment in as little as 5–9 months.

Who is ForwardX Robotics?

ForwardX Robotics is the world’s leading autonomous mobile robot (AMR) company, providing end-to-end logistics AMR solutions in various warehousing and manufacturing workshops, including material handling, picking, docking, storage management, etc.

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What is an AMR?

AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) are a type of robot that uses built-in sensors and technology to autonomously move goods around factories and warehouses without the need for guides and markers.

AMRs are an adaptable, flexible, and accessible solution for improving order picking, packing, pallet transport, trolley/cage towing, production line handling, and more! With a good AMR in place, you will increase picking productivity and reducing wasted movement in your operations, making them and your team more efficient.

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Meet the MAX Series AMRs

Meet the APEX Autonomous Forklift

Case Study: IKEA transforms their warehouse with ForwardX AMRs

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