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Why a Reliable Roller Conveyor is Essential

Since the introduction of the production line concept in the early Twentieth Century, roller conveyors have been an essential part of factory and warehouse processes. They enable large quantities of goods to be moved quickly and make the whole operation more efficient without the need for large numbers of operatives that will reduce profitability.

Any modern operation that needs to move items quickly, consistently and in some quantity will depend on a conveyor system that works well. That will depend on the components being reliable and the main ones are the rollers themselves that drive the system.

Roller Conveyor Options that are Available

A roller conveyor is simply a series of rollers held within a horizontal frame. Items placed on those rollers can easily and quickly be moved along the conveyor from one manufacturing operation to the next or from a stock location to a despatch area. This type of conveyor is therefore very common in production facilities and warehouses.

It can be used to move items of varying shapes and sizes, often in boxes, on pallets or in crates, in plastic totes or individually. The conveyor can be part of a series of equipment that may include packing machines and weighing scales, enabling the complete process to be automated and made as efficient as possible so that productivity is increased.

One of the most common types is a gravity conveyor where items are pushed along by hand or move down a slight incline using only the force of gravity to provide momentum. This means there is no artificial power source, resulting in lower operating and maintenance costs as well as minimal environmental impact.

If more control is required over the conveyor speed, especially when heavy items are being moved, a powered roller conveyor will be more suitable. This has a motor to drive the conveyor and may be linked into an IT system for automated control. Powered conveyors can move items over long distances, can handle heavier loads and enable precise control of speed and throughput with minimal safety risks.

Both types can involve straight conveyor runs as well as bends, gates, merges and transfers so that items can be moved to and from varying areas. They can be used to move all kinds of items in numerous different commercial applications, including logistics, manufacturing and mail delivery.

Our List Of Conveyor Roller Systems

Looking for other products in store? Our list below will show you the best conveyor systems on the market. Looking for more? Click here to see our full range of conveyor products.

Buy a Roller Conveyor that’s Reliable and Efficient

Reliability is one of the most crucial requirements of a conveyor system since any breakdown can halt the production or distribution process. This reliability is dependant largely on the rollers on which the system is based.

All the rollers we supply are manufactured from high grade steel or nylon and can handle loads up to 100 kilograms. They’re designed to operate continuously for long periods without any problems and are fully tested to ensure they fulfil their roles.

Our rollers are easy to clean and so can be used for moving foods, pharmaceutical products and other items that require strict hygiene standards. We invest heavily in new technology and are constantly striving to improve our products to ensure they always work at peak efficiency.
We have extensive experience in moving products of all types and use this experience to make sure all our customers have an efficient and dependable conveyor system. By ensuring your goods move efficiently and consistently, we can help to improve the productivity and profitability of your business.

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