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  • 1500kg Steel Mesh Shelving Unit (ISR002)

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    $372.90 inc. GST
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  • 3000kg Steel Mesh Shelving Unit (ISR003)

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The Importance of Good Industrial Shelving

The efficiency of your business depends on many things and the correct use of properly designed and manufactured industrial shelves is a key factor. The right choice and layout of commercial shelving will make your operation much more productive and profitable so it’s not something you should ever underestimate.

Although the importance of industrial shelfs can often be overlooked due to their seemingly basic nature, this can be a big mistake. By selecting and organising our shelving with a degree of thought, you can make your operation run much better and ensure a far more efficient and safer storage and distribution process.

Choosing an Industrial Shelving that’s Best for You

Storage space is often at a premium and so has to be utilised effectively. In these cases, you have to balance the use of high-density storage against the needs of finding and moving stock easily and without delay. One way to achieve this is by using shelving on wheels, since you can easily attach castors or wheels from our wide range to any of our existing shelving units.

When selecting your shelving, you need to consider:

  • what is to be stored, matching the size and weight of individual items to the stated capacity of specific shelving units; for maximum reliability and use, item weights should be distributed evenly across the shelves of each unit
  • storage standards necessary, since specific regulations apply to, for example, the storage of food products while some chemicals can be corrosive if spilt
  • where stored, given that external storage exposes shelving to harsh weather conditions while certain warehouse areas can be prone to rough treatment and damage from machinery.

All Richmond Wheel and Castor Co’s industrial shelving is made from heavy-duty steel frames with steel mesh shelves for maximum durability in even the worst of working conditions. Every steel shelving unit is powder coated and NSF certified as being suitable for food storage, and they’re all covered by our twelve-month warranty, so you’ll have peace of mind that they’ll do the job.

Industrial Shelving With Flexibility & Durability

When you’re designing a storage system that will work for you, flexibility is a key requirement. That’s a given with our shelving units, which can be free-standing, wall-mounted and bolted together in any required configuration. You can also attach wheels to move them around and can change combinations and configurations as you need to do.

Like everything else that we supply, our shelving units are designed and manufactured to make materials handling easier and better. They can be used in storerooms and warehouses, in any commercial environment where you need to store items and even in domestic garages to keep everything tidy.

All our shelving is easy to put together with no nuts and bolts involved, will look great and do the job of keeping your stock organised for a long time to come. So whatever your type of business or your storage needs, get in touch or order online. Never again will you be unable to find a stock item and you’ll make your operation much more efficient and profitable. Other than industrial shelving, we also offer plastic storage boxes, heavy duty storage tubs, and many other different types of storage.
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