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  • 50mm X M8 Nylon Cone Fixed Leveling Foot (LVR051)

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  • 50mm X M10 Nylon Cone Fixed Leveling Foot (LVR052)

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  • 60mm X M12 Fixed Levelling Feet (LVR053)

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Showing all 3 results

Nylon Feet and Other Products Available Across Australia and New Zealand

We know how drastically different results can be when machines aren’t level. Just a centimetre or two in manufacturing and machinery is usually the difference between a perfectly made item and major damage to the inner workings. A machine that’s not level might be putting extreme pressure on some of its parts or grinding parts against each other. When working with food machinery, like a fryer, an uneven surface might be the difference between a boring workday and third-degree burns from hot oil. In other words, we know we’re saving you plenty of money and danger by making sure our nylon feet are the finest available, and that sense of responsibility keeps us disciplined and improving. Every time we sell a high-quality item, we’re earning the continued trust of Australian professionals everywhere.

Keeping Nylon Feet Matters

If you don’t see a part or product in the size or specifications you need, simply reach out to us. We’re happy to custom-manufacture items for our customers. And once you order your item, it shouldn’t take long to get to you. We now have a showroom in every state, and we even have a location in Auckland as well. That means we’re a convenient and quick option regardless of where you’re located.

We may have expanded to a big business, but we’ve managed to retain our family business authenticity. How? Well, we’re still a family business! We might be bigger, but Richmond Wheel and Castor Co. are still run by the same family that’s been dedicated to Australian industry since 1958 And with that comes our customer service. We’re here to help our customers however we can with their orders. That’s why we offer customisation for so many industries; that’s the difference between selling things and offering real service.

You’ll feel that small business dedication whichever showroom you visit, including our online store. We’re happy to help, and we make sure you’re getting the right product for your needs. If you have questions, we can answer them. If you have doubts about exactly what you need, we can help you figure it out. If you need an affordable option, we can help you find a solution.

Reach Out or Come See Us To Get Your Next Nylon Cone Feet!

You can find all our contact details and addresses under “Contact Us”. Other than nylon cone feet we also sell different types of industrial wheels, cage trolleys, and many more.
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