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Why a Garden Trolley is a Vital Piece of Equipment

Garden trolleys are great for moving all types of materials and equipment around the garden. They also have lots of other uses, such as in garden centres and hardware outlets where customers can use them to carry the items they’re buying.

garden Trolleys Is Better than Wheelbarrows

For some garden jobs, a wheelbarrow may be better than a garden cart. If you’re moving large amounts of soil or rubble, for example, it’s easier to tip it out where you want it. Additionally, since a wheelbarrow has only one wheel, it may be easier to access along narrow paths without causing any damage to the lawn or borders.

For most tasks in the garden, however, a cart is much better than a wheelbarrow because:

  • most garden cart have four wheels so they’re much more stable than a wheelbarrow and are less likely to tip over
  • since a cart has four wheels, the load is more evenly distributed and so it’s much easier to push or pull
  • the four wheels tend to have tyres with deep treads so they’re much better at coping with uneven terrain
  • carts have a greater carrying capacity than wheelbarrows and so will require fewer trips for a given amount of material
  • most carts have mesh bases that allow excess water to drain through and may have sides that let down for easy loading and unloading
  • some carts have pouches or caddies to carry tools or other equipment.

Garden Cart for all Purposes

All Richmond Wheel and Castor Co’s carts are soundly constructed from metal or high-grade plastic and will withstand the hard knocks often associated with garden work. This includes our serving cart, utility cart, and many more. Because of this and their flexibility, these carts can be used to move all sorts of equipment and materials around and can even be useful on construction and landscaping sites to move anything you need to relocate.

Before ordering any of our carts, determine what you want to carry in it so you can choose one with the necessary storage features, capacity and ease of loading and unloading. Most garden trolleys are relatively narrow but you need to make sure the one you get will fit along your paths, through gates and even through the door of a shed. And if you are short of space, maybe you need to consider one that folds away for storage and then reassembles easily when you need to use it.

If you can’t find a garden trolley that suits your needs, we have lots of other types of carts that might do the job. Look through our web pages to find one that’s suitable or get in touch and let us know what you need. We’ll do our best to help because we want you to get the perfect cart that will ease your gardening workload.
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