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Our bakery & bread pan racks are suitable for 16” & 18” bakery trays, and are available in a variety of shelf heights and configurations.

Versatility and Usefulness from our Baking Tray Racks

The traditional purposes for a baking tray rack are:

  • to be used when baking items in a rotary rack oven
  • to store trays of baked items while they cool
  • to transfer baked and cooled items for further processing, into store or for transportation.

Each baking rack is therefore a very useful and versatile piece of equipment within a bakery. Because of this, we supply a range of racks with different styles, sizes and features.

Baking Tray Racks to Suit Specific Needs

Although a tray rack is most commonly used in a bakery to store and transfer baked items, you can also use it for other purposes. These racks can often be found in commercial kitchens where they’re used to carry many products, at mobile catering outlets for distributing and serving food, and in self-service cafés and restaurants where customers can place their trays of dirty cutlery and crockery after eating. They’re also widely used in large-scale food production operations where high volumes and fast turnarounds are essential.

For these reasons, our trays racks are equally versatile and have varying characteristics:

  • the ability to hold different sizes of trays depending on how they’re used
  • capacity for varying quantities of trays so they’re suitable for different sizes of operations
  • thickness of material so you can opt for extra durability in harsh environments
  • varying gaps between the trays to accommodate different sizes of items on them.

What makes a Richmond Baking Rack better than the rest?

Why choose a Richmond bakery rack? Because we’ve taken the standard bakery rack design and made it even better:

  • Supplied assembled: a fully welded finish reduces maintenance costs and is easy to clean. Say goodbye to flat-packs and retightening of fasteners.
  • Racks nest together tightly: the Z base frame design allows for racks to nest together when not in use, maximizing storage space.
  • Grade 304 stainless steel frame: this higher grade of stainless steel offers superior corrosion resistance, increasing longevity of your racks. Most other bakery racks are constructed from grade 201 SS – not Richmond’s range.
  • Thicker steel construction: prevents shelves and frames snapping or buckling in heavy commercial use environments. Our racks are designed with heavy duty use in mind.
  • Bolt-on interchangeable stainless steel castors: – no more rust, and no more grinding off the castors when they’re due for replacement. Our castor frames are the best in the industry, and are simple to replace.
  • High-Temperature Wheels – Australian manufactured from high-temp polymer, these wheels are proven to last the distance under extreme conditions. Our design is market leading and can be seen in ovens, kitchens, and other high-temperature environments across the country.
  • Custom Modifications – need something different? We can swap from stainless steel castors to mild steel castors when price is critical, or design a custom solution. Our team are always happy to help.

Not only do we supply bakery racks, but our wide range of complementary products such as aluminum baking trays, stainless steel baking trays, bread crates, and bread crate dollies have been designed to meet all of the requirements of bakeries, kitchens and food manufacturing facilities.

What is a bakery trolley, and what is it used for?

Operating a kitchen or food manufacturing facility is a job that needs a lot of space, forward thinking and new ideas. It also requires the right tools and appliances to get the job completed faster and easier while improving the quality of your products.

Richmond Bakery Racks are designed to be easily rolled in and out of commercial baking ovens. The aluminium baking trays can heat up quickly when in the oven, and can also lose the heat just as fast, meaning when you remove your baking rack from the oven, you don’t have to worry about the material taking a long time to cool down. Traditionally used to hold baking trays of bread, pastries, and other baked goods, these rolling tray racks are a great solution for maximising efficiency.

The major thing in any kitchen, bakery or restaurant that is a must is extra space. When you are limited to space the Z base frame design allows for racks to nest together when not in use, maximizing storage space. Richmond bakery racks are extremely versatile and a multi-functional piece of equipment. Smooth running swivel wheels allow for easy repositioning, while the strong stainless steel construction built to handle the hustle and bustle of demanding environments.

Our bakery racks are designed to hold the industry standard aluminium or stainless steel bakery baking tray sizes of 16” (406mm) and 18” (457mm), but can be used with any type of baking tray or catering tray.

Tray Rack That’s Ideal for all Food & Catering Organisations

The common product in all these operations is food and all our tray racks are made from stainless steel that’s resistant to corrosion, easy to keep clean and approved for use in food establishments due to its hygienic properties. All Richmond Wheel and Castor Co’s racks are extremely robust and resistant to knocks yet very easy to move around, with large, hard-wearing, rubber-tyred castors that can cope with the most uneven of floor surfaces. The castor wheels are easily removable and inter-changeable and can cope with the high temperatures of rotary ovens and similar. They’re also fitted with brakes to keep the baking racks stationery when you want them in a fixed position.

The Z-base nesting frame design means the racks fold inwards and can be pushed together to save space when not in use and can be easily and quickly restored to full size when needed. The trays are manufactured from high quality 304 grade stainless steel for superior durability and resistance to corrosion. They’re supplied fully assembled, ready to use and with the availability of a variety of tray styles to suit the racks and your particular requirements.

Choose Quality – Choose Richmond

When it comes to quality, innovation and reliability, Richmond has got what it takes. As an Australian family owned company, we are dedicated to offering our customers the very best solutions. Our 6 decades of industry experience is second to none, and our friendly staff are always happy to help. Visit one of our showrooms across Australia, or call us on 1300 474 246 to discuss our range of bakery racks, high-temperature wheels & castors, or wide range of other products.

Like almost everything else that we supply, we can customise the racks to create bespoke products if you have any special requirements. Our aim is always to provide innovative and practical products that really work for you and our bakery racks are no exception to that rule. So get in touch to let us know what you want or place an order online that we’ll deal with quickly so your organisation can work better and more efficiently. Other than baking trays, we also sell large plastic trays.
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