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Showing 1–12 of 16 results

Hand Trolleys for Moving Whitegoods and Appliances

Heavy lifting of whitegoods and major electrical appliances is something that should be done with the highest level of safety. The likelihood of causing injury to yourself or others is too high otherwise. By reducing the amount of effort required by you to move a fridge, oven or freezer, you can reduce the risk of causing harm. While a forklift can often make the lightest work of heavy lifting, not everyone can afford a forklift or has a licence to operate one. In this case, a hand trolley can be just as useful in reducing the strain on our bodies. Richmond is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of hand trolleys in addition to providing wheels for refrigerators, wheels for freezers, wheels for ovens, and more.

When you need to move your freezer, fridge, oven or other appliance from point A to point B, you can trust that Richmond has the appliance trolley for your moving needs. Our sturdy design and construction offers a unique and secure experience for professional or home use, with a tough and durable toe plate, loading strips, and a range of variable options to suit your requirements such as extra height and puncture proof wheels. No matter what the job entails, if you need a heavy duty trolley, Richmond’s appliance trolley will provide a safe, efficient and comfortable solution.

In addition to hand trolleys to move your whitegoods, Richmond also supplies a variety of wheels that can be fixed to the bottom of the appliance for easy moving. From oven wheels and freezer wheels to wheels for the fridge and more, we can help you make your whitegoods more accessible and portable.

There’s never been a better time than now to order wheels for fridge trolleys and other whitegoods. With our competitive prices and fast, affordable delivery across Australia, you’ll have your order in your hands in no time. Discover how we can help you today.

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