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  • Plastic Tray Wheelbarrow with Plastic Centred Pneumatic Wheel (WBR102)

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  • Steel Tray Wheelbarrow Wide Pneumatic Plastic Wheel (WBR202)

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  • Steel Tray Wheelbarrow With Puncture Proof Wheel (WBR206)

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  • Garden Cart (ATR001)

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Wheelbarrows and More, Trusted by Australians for Over 60 Years

However, if your requirement is to move a heavier load that requires more mechanical labour than manual, we recommend investing in a tow tug.

Similar to a trailer, garden carts are designed to be attached to ride on lawn mowers and are perfect for hobby farmers, sporting clubs, and small businesses such as garden supply stores. Simply attach the cart to your ride on mower for a hassle-free method of transporting loads.

When deciding between buying a plastic or steel wheelbarrow, it’s important to consider what you’ll be using it for. Steel wheelbarrows are well suited to more heavy-duty jobs such as transporting cement, bricks and other bulky objects due to their particularly resilient steel tray. These wheelbarrows are a must for bricklayers or anyone looking to shovel and mix loads of cement inside the tray.

Meanwhile, plastic wheelbarrows and garden tub carts are lighter and better suited to moving bark, plants and mulch. Popular among gardeners and landscapers, they’re also ideal for day-to-day use.

Browse our complete range of wheelbarrows and garden carts online today. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our friendly team to learn more.

We at Richmond Wheel and Castor Co. have been in our craft since 1958 by this point, we’ve learned about what each profession and industry needs and expects from us and our products. We know that most professionals in physical labour jobs rely on one set of sturdy, durable, versatile tools and equipment. None of it needs to be fancy. It just needs to get the job done and be able to take a beating over the years. Every professional has a “trusty something.” So, we decided long ago to become the manufacturers of those trusty somethings. We decided to manufacture that small wheelbarrow that every gardener praises for 15 years, and then some. Now, over 60 years later, our once-small, family business does that in every state, plus Auckland.

When you’re looking for wheelbarrows for sale, you’re looking to buy the one you won’t need to replace for as long as possible. We at Richmond pride ourselves on offering that option. That’s how we’ve lasted all this time. Richmond has survived and expanded throughout every recession and every financial crisis. Anytime things got difficult for Australians, we toughed it out, making sure we still offered people only the best. We haven’t been around longer than some countries just through business savvy; we’ve lasted and grown because we’re still that same family business that cares about satisfied customers. We’re proud of every job we’ve made a little easier for professionals out there. We hope you’ll be the next satisfied customer to join that list.

Multiple Wheelbarrow Wheels Designs for Multiple Fields

We don’t have just one type of wheelbarrow for sale. Some jobs require speed, while others require much more durability and capacity. So, our models reflect those differences. We’ve designed several different big or small wheelbarrows for different fields. That includes literal fields, if you’re a landscaper, farmer, or gardener.

If you’re working mostly with landscaping, you’ll likely prefer a lighter, quicker wheelbarrow with a plastic tray. These models are very easy to store and transport, which makes them handy for professionals with multiple work sites in a single day. They’re also the best option for homeowners looking to handle the work done in their homes and yards. While they’re made of plastic, that’s not to say they’re not durably made. They’re still made using heavy-duty materials and designed to handle 150kg. In other words, our plastic tray wheelbarrows are the middle ground between sturdy and light.

Meanwhile, our steel tray wheelbarrows are more suited to construction and road work. We have several models of these steel trays, including extra wide ones for larger carrying capacity with more manoeuvrability. The steel tray is also better at handling materials which cause plenty of wear & tear, such as sand, concrete, and rocks. For especially rough work, we have a heavy-duty model with a reinforced tray. If you’re looking for a strong, safely manoeuvrable wheelbarrow that won’t be melted away by transporting rough materials, you’ll appreciate our steel tray versions.

The wheelbarrow wheels also come in several styles. We offer both simply puncture-proof and pneumatic wheels, depending on whether your work area is a puncturing hazard. We also offer both wide and narrow wheels depending on whether you’re looking for speed or safety.

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