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  • Left Container Locking Castor Fitting Kit (CONTAINER-LOCK-KITL)

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  • Right Container Locking Castor Fitting Kit (CONTAINER-LOCK-KITR)

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Shipping Container Wheels for Sale Online

As a leading manufacturer of handling solutions, we’re very pleased to offer professional shipping container wheels for just a portion of the price you could pay for less effective solutions. For over sixty years, we’ve worked with all kinds of industrial engineers and private enterprises to develop durable and high load bearing castors and wheels. We’re very pleased to offer these to you.

The Best Wheels For Shipping Containers

As with all haulage and transportation, time is money so the last thing you want is to buy shipping container wheels that are difficult to apply and detach. You’ll want to be sure that they are effective and manoeuvrable but above all, you will want to know that they are made with dense and robust materials that aren’t going to give way or detach themselves at an inopportune moment.

We offer quality castors and castor kits that are sure to hold their own against these challenges. The products we offer that meet these requirements include:

  • Container Locking Castor Kit – These come in both left and right kits. You should ensure that you have the full roster of four kits per container, 2 left and 2 right. The castors themselves are sold separately – these are the fixtures and include highly durable components including all the bolts, washers and fasteners you will need to fix your wheels to the container.
  • 3000 Series Castors. – Recommended for slightly lighter loads, these castors come in either Poly or Spheroidal Graphite Iron. They are custom designed to undergo the most gruelling of work. They have a high towing capacity and can also feature a directional lock and the ability to swivel in some models. On their own, they will manage between 2000kg and 3000kg but in conjunction with the Container Locking Castor Kit, they will have a loading capacity of up to 12 tons.
  • EHP Series Castors – A step up from the 3000 series the Extra High Performance castors are a source of pride for us. We’ve drawn together all our experience to develop features which include an opposed taper roller bearing swivel head and a robot welded fully sealed construction. These features especially give the castor an extra long life despite the challenges that container movement can provide.

All of these have a variety of options that you can explore at your leisure and a range of customisable features which we would be happy to take you through.

Get Your Order in For The Best Shipping Container Wheels

If you aren’t sure about what your next step is, just give us a call now! We’ve got decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to containers and container moving and we’re always happy to help.

Once you’ve decided on what you need, simply request a quote via our online ordering system or give us a call or email. We’ll give you instructions on how to use your castors and castor sets. You’ll be pleased to find we offer split payments on some of our products. We’ve got locations all across Australia, so order today and your wheels for shipping containers will be only days away!
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