How AMRs can transform your operations

In recent years, Australian and New Zealand businesses have been embracing the remarkable benefits of automation in their material handling operations. From large corporations and fulfilment centres to smaller manufacturing companies and food producers, these new technologies have changed the way goods move in and out of warehouses.

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are a key part of this transition to warehouse automation, helping to transform nearly every industry by reducing repetitive tasks, enhancing efficiency, and improving overall worker safety.

Because of their versatility and ease of integration into existing infrastructures, they can be used to perform heavy- and light-duty tasks in a wide variety of settings and are set to revolutionise the warehouses of the future.



What is an Autonomous Mobile Robot?

An AMR is a type of robot that can understand and move through its environment independently. They’re capable of executing tasks and navigating its surroundings without continuous human intervention or direct human control.

Today’s generation of AMRs are equipped with powerful computer systems, cameras and sensors that allow them to make real-time decisions according to their surroundings – such as choosing the fastest route around a warehouse and ensuring the correct goods are being picked.

It’s important to remember that the latest AMRs are not designed to replace or reduce workforces but instead enhance the way people carry out their job by operating side-by-side with workers.



5 ways Autonomous Mobile Robots can improve your operations

Warehouses, logistical companies, agriculture businesses, and healthcare facilities are all looking for new and innovative ways to improve operational efficiency, enhance speed, ensure precision, and increase safety. Here are 5 ways AMRs can help your business.

  1. Minimise overall travel time

    Most warehouses rely on people to carry out the bulk of material handling. This includes locating, walking, picking, and transporting each product order that moves through the warehouse.But what if you eliminated half of that work so your team could spend their picking time just filling orders? AMRs can take care of the material movement so a picker can stay in or close to the precise picking area. All they need to do is pick the order and place it on a mobile robot that takes care of the rest, while another AMR is ready to take its place.In short, AMRs are able to dynamically create the best route between each pick and work side-by-side with your team, saving valuable time and improving overall picking rates.


  1. Improved picking accuracy

    Constant cross checking and errors are commonplace when a warehouse is dealing with large volumes of orders or SKUs. The cost of each error can have lasting effects on a business, beyond the simple cost of fixing it.Through the use of AMRs that error rate can be significantly reduced, with many companies reporting accuracy rates of 99% or higher. Through optimised workflows, AMRs can direct your pickers to the correct location every time and check that the correct item is picked on the fly.By improving overall picking accuracy, companies can dramatically boost productivity and save on constant cross checking.


  1. Reduce physical strain on workers

    AMRs increase each worker’s productivity while also decreasing the physical strain and potential for injury that often comes with “more work”, especially when many companies are facing labour shortages.

    Your employees no longer need to spend time locating different goods, lifting or moving boxes or cases in search of products, or walking long distances empty handed from one location to the next. Instead, they can focus on picking the items necessary for each order and let the robots take care of the rest.


  1. Ability to adapt to changing surroundings

    AMRs are the most flexible form of automation to date. They can be deployed in warehouses of all sizes, layouts and product weights, and can adapt to changes in the environment with ease.

    For example, if you moved your business to a new site, you can bring your AMRs and be ready to take advantage of them immediately. If your business grows, you can scale up the fleet in as little as one day to ensure you don’t lose any productivity and your goods move out the door faster than ever.


  1. Reduced operational costs

    Implementing AMRs in warehouses can lead to cost savings due to the boost in productivity and more streamlined workflows while also better meeting customer demands.. Although the initial investment may be significant, AMRs can transform operations and deliver an advantage over your competitors.



What’s the difference between an AMR and AGV?

AMRs are autonomous allowing them to be more adaptable, scalable, and flexible without requiring pre-installed guiding systems. AGVs still have a number of benefits for more simplistic workflow requirements with repetitive and predictable tasks.

AMR (Automated Mobile Robot)

  • Move on their own accord, think for themselves, and plan new routes.
    Think of a car that knows how to take the fasted route possible, safely.
  • Can operate in almost any warehouse environment without the need for pre-installed guiding systems.
  • Significantly increase picking accuracy and can boost picking levels by up to 300%.

AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle)

  • Move along fixed routes using magnetic strips, QR codes or lasers.
    Think of a train or tram that has a predetermined route.
  • Require installation of guiding systems, and may have areas that can’t be reached unless a warehouse floor is remodelled.
  • Can reach similar levels of productivity but more limited as they need to move along a fixed path.


Equipped with laser scanners, depth cameras, 2D cameras, and more the ForwardX AMRs can navigate your warehouse safely and efficiently.

Learn how AMRs can benefit your operations

Forward X Robotics is a global leading person-to-goods AMR solutions provider and has recently partnered with Richmond Rolling Solution to distribute its next generation products to companies across Australia and New Zealand.

Its range of AMRs are empowering warehousing and manufacturing businesses to increase productivity, enhance worker safety, and improve product quality.

Make material handling your competitive edge in today’s fast-paced world by enquiring below or booking a demonstration at our world-class centre in Melbourne.

Flex 60-T Series AMRs

The all-new Flex 60-T is a first-of-its-kind AMR with a unique docking and towing system that’s designed to work with Australian A and Z-base roll cages.

Flex Series AMRs

ForwardX Flex series mobile robots are scalable, flexible, and adaptable to fit your mixed piece- and case-packing needs.

Max Series AMRs

Max series mobile robots are the powerhouse that brings all the flexibility of Flex to your heavier case- and pallet-picking needs.

APEX Series AMRs

The ForwardX Apex series are the most intelligent autonomous forklits, creating a safer and more productive warehouse floor.

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