It’s unwise to take chances when it comes to your equipment. Machinery requires precision and durability in every industry, from manufacturing to mining to agriculture to food production. You can see thousands of dollars in damage from a part being just a centimetre out of place in some larger equipment. The wrong pressure, temperature, or timing can slow down production by palpable amounts. In the worst cases, faulty equipment puts the safety of workers in jeopardy. That’s why we strongly recommend trusting expert manufacturers when looking for your equipment.

And you simply won’t find more practiced and dedicated manufacturers than us at Richmond Wheel and Castor Co. We might not be the same small business that we were back in 1958, but we’re still a family business that runs on its principles. We don’t put anything on the shelves unless it’s top quality, and we sell reliable, durable equipment that’s designed to improve working conditions and safety. If it can be moved under safer conditions, we’ve more than likely manufactured something to make it happen. Read More

See What Hot Cast Polyurethane Can Do for You When Provided by the Experts

At Richmond Wheels and Castors Co., we make hundreds of products that facilitate the movement of items in dozens of industries. If your belt conveyor needs to run smoothly and precisely, we manufacture durable, perfectly sized bearings to make sure the machine’s range of motion is exact. If you have heavy equipment that needs frequent moving, we provide the wheels and castors that can make the job quick and easy. If you’re a homeowner who’s in the process of moving, we can provide moving blankets that absorb impacts and keep your whiteware functional and dent-free. If something needs to be moved, our products provide the best conditions for it to be moved.

Hot Cast Urethane Prepolymers and How They Compare to Thermoplastics

In short, they don’t compare to thermoplastics; they’re much, much better, enough that it’d be silly to compare them. Hot cast polyurethane provides much more resistance to abrasion, corrosion, heat, and elongation than most comparable materials. It’s also incredibly resistant to torsion. This makes hot-cast polyurethane ideal for making parts that see a lot of volatile conditions. If you need parts that withstand massive amounts of force, heat, or chemical exposure, you’ll want them moulded out of hot cast polyurethane elastomers.

Thanks to that very efficient PU moulding process, hot cast polyurethane is also incredibly versatile. The prepolymer begins as a liquid, which means it can be fitted into many different moulds to make virtually any part you might need. That’s led many industries to replace parts that are traditionally made of alloy, rubber, or plastic with polyurethane ones. In fact, many of our wheels and castors are moulded from polyurethane. Considering those are our most popular and reliable products, we’d say you can trust the material as much as we do.

For Any Enquiries on Hot Cast Urethane Prepolymers, Feel Free to Reach Out!

We’re more than happy to help you with any question regarding hot cast PU. You can find our contact details under “Contact Us”. You can also find your nearest showroom under “Contact Us;” we have one in every single state in Australia, plus Auckland! Read Less

The perfect partner for custom polyurethane products

For specific applications Richmond Wheel & Castor Co. can expertly manufacture polyurethane products in any hardness from 25A to 85D.

How does polyurethane compare to alternative material selections?


Compared to rubber Compared to metal Compared to injection moulded plastics
Superior abrasion resistance Abrasion resistance High impact resistance
Wide range or hardness for more application flexibility Non-corrosive Much lower tooling cost
Lighter load bearing Light weight Elastic memory
Cut and tear resistant Flexible Thick and thin section mouldings
Uv and ozone resistance Impact resistant Noise reduction
Lower cost tooling Nonconductive Lower and higher temperature range capable
Thicker sections possible Non sparking Resilience
Parts with very thick and thin sections possible Lower cost fabrication Elastic memory
Colourability Lower cost tooling compared to cast steel/iron parts Wide range or hardness for more application flexibility
Can be manufactured with a FRAS Rating (fire resistance & antistatic) Noise reduction in impact applications Abrasion resistance
Won’t damage other steel or concrete surfaces like steel components

What polyurethane products can we manufacture for your business?

Using precision engineering techniques and the latest equipment, Richmond Wheel & Castor Co can design and deliver any type of polyurethane product for your business needs! 

By utilising Richmond’s in-house moulding processes we can manufacture custom shapes, hardness variability and load bearing solutions, giving us a distinct advantage over traditional suppliers across Australia.

With nearly 10,000 products in our growing range, why not talk with our design and engineering team about our custom polyurethane product solutions?

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