AMRs: DHL Coffee Distribution Warehouse Case Study

SF DHL: Solving high picking error rates to reduce financial losses

SF DHL’s Beijing warehouse provides warehousing and distribution services to one of China’s largest coffee brands, supporting nearly 400 retail locations.

The distribution centre measures around 75,000 square feet and handles about 1,000 SKUs. Distributing to retail stores, the warehouse typically processes 10 large shipments per day.

Before partnering with ForwardX Robotics, the warehouse used traditional manual picking methods, with paper pick lists and manual pick carts. The main challenges that needed solving were: 

High error rate: With many similar SKUs, traditional picking and sorting methods led to high error rates. The low level of digitisation meant errors weren’t caught until it was too late and the cost of rectifying these errors led to significant financial loss.

Low productivity: Traditional manual picking methods led to pickers covering large walking distances daily. Limited picking productivity made it difficult to keep up with growing volume.

High recruitment & training costs: Seasonal peaks and changes in demand led to high recruitment costs and often left the warehouse under staffed. Additionally, the complex workflows made training difficult, expensive, and time-consuming.


A customised solution to meet growing demand

SF DHL implemented ForwardX’s Flex 300-S AMRs to automate picking and sorting workflows across their Beijing distribution centre. The Flex range is easily scalable for any business and includes: 

  • a maximum load capacity of 300kg (661lbs)
  • 360 degree obstacle avoidance
  • move from point A to B at 7.2km/h
  • can run for 8 hours non-stop
  • autonomous charging via f(x) software
  • onboard touchscreen interface
  • configurations for any workplace layout

The Flex range of AMRs were specifically developed with small to medium sized materials in mind, making them an ideal choice for industries such as consumer electronics, pharmaceuticals, fashion & apparel, food & beverage, home furnishing, general retailers and more.

Instant benefits across the entire business

The solution consolidated the distribution centre’s picking, packing, and sorting workflows into a single seamless process. Some of the benefits of the AMRs included:

  • Reduced errors: With the new AMRs assisting workers, the company was able to reduce picking errors by 90%
  • Travel time reduction: freeing pickers from long walks, ForwardX AMRs allow pickers and sorters to contribute maximum value to operations, which led to a 300% productivity increase.
  • Reduced operational costs: the warehouse was able to save 43% on labour costs, with less worker turnover and greater efficiency.
  • Rapid deployment: a 2-week rapid deployment meant no downtime in operations when incorporating the AMRs, leading to a faster ROI.
  • Simplified workflows: On-screen directed workflows and real-time data visualisation capabilities allow the controller to continuously improve processes and increase performance.



How Australian businesses can experience the same benefits as SF DHL

Warehouses and manufacturers that are looking for truly leading edge smart solutions can now take advantage of Forward X Robotics incredible technology in their own workplaces.

Richmond’s partnership with ForwardX gives Australian businesses exclusive access to the very latest in AMR technology from a global leader.

View the range of ForwardX AMRs Available

Flex 60-T Series AMRs

The all-new Flex 60-T is a first-of-its-kind AMR with a unique docking and towing system that’s designed to work with Australian A and Z-base roll cages.

Flex Series AMRs

ForwardX Flex series mobile robots are scalable, flexible, and adaptable to fit your mixed piece- and case-packing needs.

Max Series AMRs

Max series mobile robots are the powerhouse that brings all the flexibility of Flex to your heavier case- and pallet-picking needs.

APEX Series AMRs

The ForwardX Apex series are the most intelligent autonomous forklits, creating a safer and more productive warehouse floor.

How ForwardX Robotics can transform your warehouse productivity 

Recent research predicts that the use of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) across Asia Pacific will undergo a growth rate of 22.50% by the year 2030.

More than ever, Australian warehouses and manufacturers are looking for the latest automation solutions to improve productivity while meeting ever growing customer demand, especially in e-commerce.

That’s why Richmond Rolling Solutions is partnering with ForwardX Robotics

ForwardX Robotics is the world’s leading AMR company, providing end-to-end logistics AMR solutions in various warehousing and manufacturing workshops, including material handling, picking, docking and storage management.

Richmond Rolling Solutions is partnering with ForwardX to distribute its next generation products to businesses right across Australia.

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