Richmond Rolling Solutions announces exclusive distribution deal with ForwardX robotics company

Richmond Rolling Solutions is partnering with ForwardX, a global leading person-to-goods Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) solutions provider, to distribute its next generation products across Australia and New Zealand.

ForwardX’s solutions help to reduce operational costs, while improving the overall efficiency in warehouses, retail facilities, distribution centres and manufacturing plants, and represent the most intelligent AMRs available today.

The company employs over 250 of the world’s top computer vision scientists and robotics experts, with a constantly expanding fleet of products being launched.

View the range of ForwardX AMRs available from Richmond

What does this partnership mean for businesses?

Richmond’s new distribution deal gives Australian and New Zealand businesses the opportunity to keep pace with global trends and future-proof their operations with access to ForwardX’s global leading products, backed by the local support, knowledge and engineering that Richmond Rolling Solutions has been known for since 1958.

To ensure key decision makers understand the capabilities & benefits of AMRs, there will also be Australia’s first fully functioning demonstration centre in Melbourne. The full suite of products will be on display for customers to trial and test, giving them a first-hand, risk-free experience that they won’t find anywhere else.

ForwardX Robotics is a global technology leader in the fields of AI and Robotics. Through its flexible automation platform comprising of intelligent mobile robots and AI-enabled software, ForwardX has served 100+ reputable customers, such as DHL, IKEA, TCL, UNIQLO, to name a few.

ForwardX delivers end-to-end solutions in various warehousing and manufacturing factories, including material handling, picking, docking & storage management.

Take advantage of the world’s smartest materials handling equipment

Our long-standing commitment to provide the very best materials handling solutions includes everything from manual equipment to the most cutting-edge robotics.

“Our exclusive partnership with ForwardX represents a unique opportunity for businesses to invest in the latest equipment to improve their processes and transform the way they operate,” said Breon Winslow-Moore, CEO of Richmond Rolling Solutions.

“It’s an exciting time for our team and we can’t wait to deliver these AMR products to companies throughout Australia and New Zealand.”

View the range of ForwardX AMRs available from Richmond    


Flex 60-T Series AMRs

The all-new Flex 60-T is a first-of-its-kind AMR with a unique docking and towing system that’s designed to work with Australian A and Z-base roll cages.

Flex Series AMRs

ForwardX Flex series mobile robots are scalable, flexible, and adaptable to fit your mixed piece- and case-packing needs.

Max Series AMRs

Max series mobile robots are the powerhouse that brings all the flexibility of Flex to your heavier case- and pallet-picking needs.

APEX Series AMRs

The ForwardX Apex series are the most intelligent autonomous forklits, creating a safer and more productive warehouse floor.

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