AMRs Online Retailer Case Study

The challenges of manual picking for large businesses is China’s largest online retailer and internet company, providing 580.8 million active customers with direct access to an unrivalled range of products and helps leading international brands tap into the country’s fast-growing e-commerce market.

Similar to many large distribution and fulfilment centres across Australia, was facing a range of challenges through the use of traditional manual picking methods to keep up with customer demand. The three main pain points for were:

  1. Increased worker turnover:
    Traditional manual picking is labour intensive and leads to
    high labour turnover. This means high costs in training and recruitment and increased error rates.
  2. Low productivity:
    Due to the physically demanding nature of manual picking, operations are slow, making it difficult to keep up with orders especially during peak seasons and promotional periods.
  3. High operational costs:
    Seasonal peaks and changes in demand lead to high recruitment costs and often leave the warehouse understaffed.

The highly competitive labour market meant that needed to increase productivity using its existing workforce and decrease staff turnover.


Choosing the right solution to meet every challenge

ForwardX worked closely with to select 12 Max 600 AMRs and f(x) Fleet Manager that connects to’s existing Warehouse Control System (WCS). 

The Max 600 range is designed specifically for heavier case- and pallet-picking needs. Each robot has: 

  • a maximum payload of 600kg (1322lbs)
  • 360 degree obstacle avoidance
  • outstanding lifting functionality
  • a spacious load surface 
  • configurations for any workplace layout

This series is easily configured to handheld devices using f(x) Fleet Manager software that pickers use to scan and check goods as they’re picked. After confirming a correct pick, the picker prints a shipping label and sticks it to the case. 

Immediate results across all key business areas

With a fast deployment, simple training and ease-of-use, was able to experience a range of immediate benefits with the 12 new AMRs on the floor. 

Increased productivity and accuracy:

Units picked per hour increased by 136% (2.36x) compared to its previous manual picking methods. This was 65% higher than the project acceptance rate.

Reduced operational costs:

The warehouse saved 30% on operational costs and was able to fulfill thousands of daily orders for both its B2B store replenishment and B2C eCommerce fulfilment needs.

Travel time reduction:

Freeing pickers from long walks, ForwardX AMRs allow pickers and sorters to contribute maximum value to its operations.

Reduced labour intensity:

The Max AMRs take care of all the heavy material transport so employees no longer need to haul heavy carts and pallet jacks, significantly reducing labour intensity and employee fatigue.

Rapid deployment:

A 2-week rapid deployment meant no downtime in operations when incorporating the 12 AMRs, leading to a faster ROI.

How Australian businesses can experience the same benefits as

Warehouses and manufacturers that are looking for truly leading edge smart solutions can now take advantage of Forward X Robotics incredible technology in their own workplaces.

Richmond’s partnership with ForwardX gives Australian businesses exclusive access to the very latest in AMR technology from a global leader.

Flex 60-T Series AMRs

The all-new Flex 60-T is a first-of-its-kind AMR with a unique docking and towing system that’s designed to work with Australian A and Z-base roll cages.

Flex Series AMRs

ForwardX Flex series mobile robots are scalable, flexible, and adaptable to fit your mixed piece- and case-packing needs.

Max Series AMRs

Max series mobile robots are the powerhouse that brings all the flexibility of Flex to your heavier case- and pallet-picking needs.

APEX Series AMRs

The ForwardX Apex series are the most intelligent autonomous forklits, creating a safer and more productive warehouse floor.

How ForwardX Robotics can transform your warehouse productivity 

Recent research predicts that the use of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) across Asia Pacific will undergo a growth rate of 22.50% by the year 2030.

More than ever, Australian warehouses and manufacturers are looking for the latest automation solutions to improve productivity while meeting ever growing customer demand, especially in e-commerce.


That’s why Richmond Rolling Solutions is partnering with ForwardX Robotics

ForwardX Robotics is the world’s leading AMR company, providing end-to-end logistics AMR solutions in various warehousing and manufacturing workshops, including material handling, picking, docking and storage management.

Richmond Rolling Solutions is partnering with ForwardX to distribute its next generation products to businesses right across Australia.

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