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    EOFY KartR Folding Trolley with Extra Basket Bundle

    $181.82 ex. GST
    $200.00 inc. GST
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  • 24L Collapsible Vented Crate Green (FMC024GRE)

    $35.00 ex. GST
    $38.50 inc. GST
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  • 32L Collapsible Vented Crate Green (FMC032GRE)

    $39.85 ex. GST
    $43.84 inc. GST
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  • 40L Collapsible Vented Crate Green (FMC040GRE)

    $47.00 ex. GST
    $51.70 inc. GST
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  • Spare Basket for KartR Collapsible Trolley (KARTBASK)

    $39.50 ex. GST
    $43.45 inc. GST
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  • KartR Folding Trolley with Basket (KAR001)

    $240.00 ex. GST
    $264.00 inc. GST
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  • X-Cart Folding Trolley

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Showing all 7 results

The Best Quality Collapsible Crates

We’ve gained an unmatched level of experience during that time, and we’re proud to be a family owned and run business that’s dedicated to providing the best quality possible. Family businesses like ours survive and thrive on quality; our motto puts it best: ‘we don’t accept second-best, and we never will.’

Collapsible Crates for the Home, Office & More

Choose from a wide range of sizes, colours, and styles to suit your needs. We have sizes that are ideal for carrying groceries to your car. Go for something a little bigger if you want to move goods around the office or carry materials between classrooms. We have options that are ideal for the home, the office, and for business use too.

There are many uses for collapsible crates. They can be used as a large plastic storage boxes, transport, or even as a temporary table or shelf. Need to store some items away? They are perfect for storing seasonal items (keep your Christmas decorations together) or extra belongings that you don’t need on a daily basis. Moving to a new home? They’re perfect for transporting items from one place to another, whether you’re moving home or just taking some things to a storage unit.

Wondering about delivery in Australia/New Zealand? Delivery is simple and arranged via couriers to simplify receipt on your end and keep the price down.

Easy to Fold Collapsible Crates for Easy Storage

Our collapsible crates can easily be folded down and tucked away when not in use. Most options can also be stacked on top of each other when not in use, saving incredible amounts of space during transport and storing. To fold the crate, simply lift up the ends of the basket, and fold the top down towards the base.

We have a range of different sizes to meet all kinds of demands.

Need a large food grade collapsible crate that’s stackable? Richmond’s new range of collapsible vented crates offer an excellent solution for the handling and storage of meat, seafood, poultry, produce and more. We have options as big as 52L so you never have to worry about not having enough space. Vented sides provide increased airflow and allow the contents of the crate to cool faster when stored in areas such as cool rooms.

We also stock collapsible crates that can be placed on our folding or collapsible trolley. Remove the crates and fold the trolley with the push of a button on the handle. The wheels are removable too, allowing for easy and fast storage.

Order a Collapsible Crate Today

We’re here to make your life a little easier. If you’d like to ask us something or find your nearest showroom, you can find our details and the addressees of our showrooms under “Contact Us.”
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