Crane Wheel

Why the Best Crane Wheels are Essential

Crane wheels can be the weakest part of any crane set-up, whether it’s those on the crane bogie or any fitted to a moving component such as the boom, turntable or jib. Each carries the weight of the crane and any load suspended from it, and so is often put under great pressure.

It follows, therefore, that a crane wheel is a crucial component that, if it fails, can render the whole crane inoperable until it’s repaired or replaced. Consequently, it’s important the strongest and highest quality wheels are always fitted in order to make the crane operate as reliably as possible.

Producing Strong and Durable Crane Wheels

The strength of a crane wheel comes from the materials used and the way those materials are treated. Depending on the particular requirement, we use best quality alloys or either low-carbon or medium-carbon steel that is heat treated to enhance its hardness. The overall strength is also increased by producing forged rather than cast wheels, which have greater tensile and fatigue strength as a result of a refined grain pattern and reduced metallurgical defects.

Higher carbon content generally results in an increased potential for hardness although improvements in heat treatment technology mean that wheels made from medium-carbon steel are much harder than previously. This hardness is crucial at the point where the wheel’s tread comes in contact with the rail since wear is reduced and the life of the crane wheel is extended.

It is important, however, that wheels are not made too hard since this can result in brittleness and cause a wheel to crack if it comes in contact with a misaligned or otherwise defective rail. Additionally, the top and outer part of a wheel flange require some flexibility rather than being too hard so that they bend instead of breaking when affected by a sideways force such as a misaligned rail. The inner part of the wheel flange, on the other hand, should have the same hardness and depth as the tread to ensure maximum wheel life.

Invest in the Best Crane Wheels For Maximum Productivity

It’s fairly obvious that producing crane wheels properly isn’t a simple process and you need to buy from a company that understands the importance of using the best materials and processing them correctly. Failure to do so can result in premature wear and replacement, increased downtime and a hit to your productivity.

At Richmond Wheel & Castor Company, we’ve been helping businesses move and handle goods for sixty years. We know the importance of having durable and reliable crane wheels and, more importantly, we know how to produce them consistently. We can provide crane wheels with a double flange, single flange or a girder trolley configuration with a stub axle. They can be produced machine geared for driven applications or without for idler/hand push applications.

We make everything we supply so can provide exactly what you need every time and have the capacity to custom engineer crane wheels to your requirements. You can be assured of high quality products that won’t let you down and, with the expertise we’ve built up over the years, we can provide trusted advice and can custom make wheels suitable for any situation. Get in touch, and your crane wheel will be the most reliable part of the structure rather than potentially being the weakest link.