A Wide Range of Steel Wheels & Rollers

Engineering wheels is the cornerstone of our business, so it’s no wonder that Richmond is one of the country’s leading manufacturers of wheels and rollers. We can provide a massive range of small, medium and large size wheels that are suitable for a variety of applications.

We supply wheels to businesses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin, offering products made from a range of materials including nylon, polyurethane, cast iron and rubber. Whether you need trolley wheels, wheelbarrow wheels, ATV wheels, or replacements for worn out or missing wheels, we’re sure to have a product to suit.

Specialists In Industrial And Engineering Steel Wheels in Australia

Occupying a niche for wheels and casters in Australia, we have a wheel for every occasion. As such, we cater to a large range of industries where wheels are required for a variety of purposes. From factories in Brisbane that require high temperature wheels through to workshops in Darwin that need durable rubber wheels that are built to last, Richmond has you covered.

Our Range

Richmond’s stores in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin offer a wide range of wheels and rollers that are suitable for numerous applications.

Products we supply include:

Puncture-Proof Wheels

Equally as useful for plant nurseries in Melbourne as they are on farms in the Adelaide countryside, Richmond’s fully puncture-proof wheels will never let you down. Say goodbye to replacement tubes and hello to tyres that boast high load capacities and excellent reliability. Perfectly suited to hand trucks, nursery equipment and other agricultural machinery, Richmond’s puncture-proof wheels merge the strength and stability of a standard solid rubber wheel with the type of soft cushioned ride that pneumatic wheels are known to provide.

Solid Polyurethane Wheels

Our range of solid polyurethane wheels boast a hardness of 64 in relation to the Shore D Scale, meaning they’re hard enough for a range of applications that are particularly demanding on wheels. Boasting excellent wear resistance, quiet operation, and low rolling resistance that results in an effortless ride, our polyurethane wheels are suitable for intermittent usage.

Cast Iron Wheels

Richmond’s cast iron wheels have a high capacity, a low rolling resistance and excellent heat resistance. Available in all of our stores from Sydney right across the country to Perth, our cast iron wheels are suitable for use in a wide range of high load bearing applications in which loads are left standing for extended periods. Due to low rolling resistance, loads will always be ready to roll for maximum efficiency.

Solid Pneumatic Wheels

Richmond’s range of pneumatic wheels includes options featuring an airtight inner core, reinforced rubber and steel belting. The core of each pneumatic wheel is filled with pressurised air (greater than the atmospheric pressure), allowing them to cushion bumps and absorb shock when tyres hit the road. The main benefit of pneumatic wheels is that they remain inflated after bearing heavy weights multiple times. As a result, pneumatic wheels are often used on motor vehicles, bicycles and other vehicles that encounter uneven terrain.

Richmond is a premier manufacturer of pneumatic tyres that provide fantastic performance, efficiency, durability and reliability. Best of all, our pneumatic wheels are all offered at competitive prices and you can rest assured they’ll stand the test of time.

Polyurethane Tyred Nylon Centred Wheels

Manufactured from injection moulded polyurethane around a nylon hub, our polyurethane tyred nylon centred wheels are durable, non-marking and long lasting with exceptional load carrying capabilities. Our polyurethane tyred nylon centred wheels are suitable for intermittent usage and come in a range of different colours and sizes.

Spheroidal Graphite Iron Wheels

Richmond’s spheroidal graphite iron wheels offer a high load bearing capacity with low rolling resistance. Durable as well as abrasive and heat resistant, these wheels come in a range of sizes and are suitable for use across a number of industries.

Contact Us Today To Get Your Steel Roller Wheels!

When you need wheels and rollers at a great price, call Richmond on 1300 474 256 and one of our knowledgeable staff will be happy to discuss your needs with you. We also have stores in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin, so drop in today to discover our huge range of top quality products.
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