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Richmond Wheel and Castor Co is a manufacturer of premium quality rubber wheels. Our products conform to the highest standards in safety, with precision engineering and attention to detail.

We have over 60 years of experience behind us, which is how you know when you are buying a genuine Richmond product, you are investing in reliability and quality.

Super strong heavy duty solid rubber wheels

Our top range of pneumatic rubber wheels can easily handle loads of more than 1 metric ton. Of course, when you are designing your cage trolley or cart, you need to think of the overall structural integrity, not just the load bearing capacity of the wheels. It won’t be a very good outcome if the wheels are fine but the rest of the cart has fallen apart.

The normal configuration for a heavy duty cart is horizontal (it will be longer and wider than it is tall) and rectangular. In this configuration, the four things to take account of are:

  • The rated maximum load bearing capacity of the wheels
  • Strength of the axels
  • The tensile strength of the horizontal spans
  • The compression strength of bridging material used between spans

The goal when designing a heavy duty cart is to try to distribute the downward force of the load weight over as much of the surface area as possible. Because it can’t be assumed with certainty that the end user will distribute the load evenly, the design itself must assume responsibility for force distribution. Richmond wheels have good force absorption ability, and are among the strongest heavy duty tyre products on the market.

Technical specifications for rubber castor wheels – heavy duty

There are a few different models in this range, each with their own unique set of attributes. Here is a basic guide to the most heavy duty rubber wheels currently available.

  • 400mm solid pneumatic – this wheel has a solid, chunky grooved tyre surface, providing excellent traction on smooth surfaces without slipping or excess noise. It’s an excellent choice for factories, warehouses, and other large indoor areas. The grooved tyre design also makes it a good choice for wooden floors, as the smoother surface area and natural force equalization won’t tend to sink in or leave an impression on the wood. 400mm diameter, 123mm tyre width and load capacity of 1050kg, product code SN1619TYR.
  • 400mm solid pneumatic with axel mount for casters – these have similar properties to the SN1619TYR but are only rated for a load capacity of 950kg, and they have axel mounts fitted to suit Richmond casters . 400mm diameter, 110mm tyre width, 950kg capacity, product code SN1612-1 for 1″ axel, SN1612-M20 for 20mm axel, and SN1612-M25 for 25mm axel.
  • 250mm solid pneumatic wheel with 20mm axel mount – suitable for indoor and outdoor use, these tyres have a heavy tread pattern for traction in difficult terrain, and can even handle muddy surfaces. It has a very good force absorption ability, and unlike many other tyres designed for outdoor use, the treads do not feature protrusions, helping to protect delicate floor surfaces from damage when used indoors. 250mm diameter, 74mm tyre width, load capacity 260kg, product code SN1005-M20.
  • 300mm solid pneumatic wheel with 20mm axel mount – a bigger brother to the 250mm tyre, it can support more than double the load. 300mm diameter, 86mm tyre width, load capacity 540kg, product code SN1295-M20.
  • 300mm solid pneumatic wheel with 25mm axel mount – as above, but designed for use with a 25mm axel. 300mm diameter, 86mm tyre width, load capacity 540kg, product code SN1295-M25.

Contact the team at Richmond Wheels and Castor Co for more information about any of our products. We are the leading manufacturer of castor wheels in Australia. Your products will be better when you use Richmond wheels to make them because nothing beats perfection.
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