Sturdy, Lightweight, Manoeuvrable Rollcages Manufactured by Professionals

At Richmond Wheel and Castor Co., you know you’re getting equipment that’s built to last. We manufacture everything from industrial lift tables to tiny bearings and top hats, and we hold all of them to the same high standard. If an item shows any signs at all of being warped, brittle, or otherwise subpar in any way at all, we either fix it or start over. You’ll never see any of our work at that stage because it never reaches our shelves. This means that, when you buy a trolley or wheelbarrow from us, you won’t be needing to replace any wheels, hinges, or joints anytime soon. You’ll be so satisfied with your roll cagethat you’ll ask to be buried with it. Sturdy as durable as it is, it’ll probably outlast you, too!

Thanks to our 6 plus decades in the business, we’ve perfected our cage trolley design to focus on what our customers want out of the product. They’re tough, easily moved, spacious, lightweight, adjustable, and easy to store. They’re especially good for navigating lots of materials or products quickly through relatively narrow spaces. That makes them your ideal piece of equipment in warehouses, restaurants, bars, mailrooms, and supermarkets. And because we’re potentially catering to so many different fields, we can make our roll cages to order, customised for the dimensions of your workplace. You can get whatever size and design will be most efficient for your specific job.

Whatever your manufacturing materials needs are, you can trust Richmond Wheel and Castor Co. to meet them. We’ve been doing it for decades, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Introducing the best value cage trolley in Australia

We’re providing better value with high quality manufacturing processes (certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards), robust quality assurance, affordable pricing, and excellence in customer service.

Our cage trolleys are versatile and strong. They have plenty of features that will help you move things safely and securely.

Find the Roll Cage that Best Suits Your Job

We know that small design changes can make the difference between a productive day and a nightmare. That’s why we offer many different models of rollcage with different sides, folding patterns, dimensions, and weight capacities. If you don’t see an ideal model for you already in our store, simply reach out and let us know. We can very likely custom manufacture the model you need for you.

While we stock plenty of different roll cage models, they all have their durability and manoeuvrability in common. Our famous castors are bolted onto the base and include brakes, allowing you to safely park the cage on slight inclines if needed. Thanks to our castor design, you also won’t feel the cage getting harder to turn or direct, no matter how much weight you add to it. It might get harder to push, but it will still turn and rotate smoothly and reliably. We also designed the cage for easy maintenance, with easily accessible castors and hinges. Plus, the whole thing receives a zinc-plated finish to make sure it lasts a good long while.

Otherwise, you’ll find plenty of options. Are you working in a warehouse? If so, you’re likely dealing with tons of packages or wildly varying weights and shapes. You’ll have an extra-long or irregular-shaped parcel every so often, and those don’t fit neatly into squares most of the time. To prevent that from slowing you down, we have cages with 2 or 3 sides, which allow for extra room to carry objects that stick out. On the other hand, if you’re carrying fragile items, like electronics or glass bottles, you can opt for our 4-sided cages and keep everything contained and secure. You can also get cages in A-Base or Z-Base designs, each of which can be easily folded and stored when not in use.

Custom options for a metal cage trolley

The standard design is going to suit most users, and is an inexpensive solution to moving bulk items quickly and easily. Some operators may have more advanced needs, so there are modifications that can be made, although it’s also important to know these modifications will result in a higher cost.

If the two fixed direction castors are replaced with metal swivel caster wheels, the cage trolley can rotate around a tighter turning radius, but will also be a bit more difficult to handle. In this configuration, the trolley is able to spin 360 degrees, whereas with two fixed castors it would turn 360 degrees instead of spinning.

Contact Us for Any Roll Cage Enquiries and Checkout Our Showrooms

We’re here to make things easier. If you’d like to ask us something or find your nearest showroom, you can find our details and addresses under “Contact Us.”
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2-Sided Roll Cages

A-Base and Foldable Models Available

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3-Sided Roll Cages

With A-Base

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4-Sided Roll Cages

A-Base and Z-Base Models Available

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Security Roll Cages

With Z-Base

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Custom roll cage sizes and shapes available.

Contact our team to design your custom solution!



A-Base OR H-Frame Roll Cages

  • The letter refers to the base/chassis frame – they are either an “A” or also known as “H” shape.
  • The “A” frame nest in a straight line for easy storage and transportation.
  • High quality design & manufacture with zinc plated finish.
  • Easily add extra shelves or accessories as required.
  • Multiple choice of wheel types available.

Z-BASE Roll Cages

  • The base of the roll cages is in a “Z” shape and only nests with other “Z” base cages/trolleys.
  • High quality design & manufacture with zinc plated finish.
  • All door hinges & latches are enclosed within a smooth plastic casing for improved OH&S.
  • The castors of the “Z” base roll cages are all bolted to an underside channel – this allows the castors to be bolted on/off.

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  • 4 Sided Heavy Duty Wire Roll Cage (RCR700)

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  • 2 Sided Low Noise Roll Cage – A-Base (RCR441)

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  • 2 Sided Roll Cage – A-Base (RCR200)

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  • 4 Sided Security Roll Cage – Z-Base (RCR511)

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  • 2 Sided Foldable Roll Cage With Fixed Shelf (RCR221)

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  • 3 Sided Roll Cage with 1 Full Door – A-Base (RCR300)

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  • 4 Sided Roll Cage with 2 Half Doors + 1 Full Door – A Base (RCR400)

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  • 4 Sided Roll Cage with 2 Half Doors + 1 Full Door – Z Base (RCR411)

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  • Removable Wire Shelf to suit A Base Roll Cages (RCR601)

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  • Removable Tube Shelf to suit A Base Roll Cages (RCR602)

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  • Shelf to Suit A Base Roll Cages (RCR600)

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  • Removable Tube Shelf to suit Z Base Roll Cages (RCR612)

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