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  • Belt Conveyor 3000×690 (CPR001)

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  • Belt Conveyors 1195×600 (CPR003)

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  • Belt Conveyor Adjustable (CPR006)

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Why a Belt Conveyor May be the Best Choice

The belt conveyor system available from Richmond is commonly used in slow moving assembly, picking and packing lines. Our belt conveyor’s design provides a flat surface that enables any object of suitable width to be conveyed. It allows for smooth, controllable transportation of goods and can be configured to suit the directional flow. This includes inclining, declining and curved paths that are designed to suit most applications.

Whereas roller conveyors are ideal for moving regularly shaped items of a reasonable size, such as boxes and pallets, belt conveyors are more versatile. They are more suitable for moving small and irregularly shaped items that might become lodged in the gap between rollers but are handled without problems on a belt.

A belt conveyor can handle anything that a roller conveyor can and more besides. However, the variety of items it can carry makes it essential that the conveyor is configured correctly and has the most appropriate fittings and options.

What to Look for When You Buy Conveyor Belts in Australia

A conveyor belt system comprises a continuous belt that is fixed around two or more pulleys or drums, at least one which is powered by a motor, causing the belt to move in the direction of the pulley’s rotation. Any items that are placed on the belt will therefore move with it.
Each belt will comprise one or more layers, typically a top and bottom cover with a carcass in between that provides strength and shape to the belt. The carcass is commonly a woven or metal fabric where the cords running lengthways determine the belt’s elasticity and resistance while those running across provide strength and additional flexibility. Richmond AU has a range of the best belt conveyors for saleclick here to see our avaliable options.

The materials used for the carcass will depend on how the belt is to be used. When heavy goods are to be moved, the belt will comprise steel cords to give great strength and durability. For lower weights of items, the carcass may be woven from polyester, cotton or nylon. For conveyors used in the food industry, belt surfaces are a blue material that is washable to comply with hygiene laws.

Power is provided by a drive motor with associated gearbox and couplings. Various components and accessories may be fitted, such as:

  • Skirts to control discharges to receiving belts.
  • Scrapes to clean the belt.
  • Take-up assemblies to tension the belt.
  • Drive and pulley frames.
  • Safety mechanisms including emergency stop buttons.
  • Flights to prevent items slipping back on inclined sections.
  • Scanners, gates and convergers to handle the movement of goods between different conveyors and other areas.

Our List Of Conveyor Systems

Looking for other products in store? Our list below will show you the best conveyor systems on the market. Looking for more? Click here to see our full range of conveyor products.

The Easy Way to Shop for Conveyor Belts Online

Belts may follow a flat path or be inclined, may be straight or follow curves and may handle all weights, sizes and types of goods over varying distances. Buying the correct belt conveyor can therefore be a complicated business and we’re here to make the process as simple and reliable as possible.
We offer a wide range of belt conveyors for sale plus a variety of drums, motors and all the accessories you need. We can configure these into the type of conveyor system that’s best for your needs and can integrate it into a complete materials handling system that will ensure your items move smoothly and consistently. As a result, you’ll benefit from improved throughput, lower operating costs and an increase in productivity and profitability.
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