13.5L White Nest Crate (NCR135)

Richmond Wheel and Castor Co have an expansive range of plastic crates suitable for indoor and outdoor use. We supply plastic nesting crates in a range of sizes to suit all kind of applications, including food preparation and handling, butchery, seafood, education, government facilities and many more.

These 13.5L Nest Crates are referred to within the food industry as ingredient tubs, which bakeries will store individual ingredients due to the food grade material and compact size.

Designed to be strong and durable, these crates measure 430 x 323 x 127mm and weighs only 620g. They’re virtually indestructible which is why they’re popular among our buyers. If you pick one up, you’ll feel right away how strong it is.

This product is ideal for use in the following industries:

  • Food production & processing industry – Butchers, seafood and poultry merchants will use these throughout their stores and facilities for storing and preparing ingredients
  • Education and libraries – they’re used as slide out storage tubs in a mobile drawer, store and collection of books, stationaries and papers.
  • Government Facilities – Perfect for storing papers, a lid can be purchased to protect documents from dirt or moisture.

Nesting Crates can nest inside of one another for easy storage when not in use.

Colours Dimensions Capacity Part Number
Blue 430mm x 323mm x 127mm 13.5L NCR136
Red 430mm x 323mm x 127mm 13.5L NCR137
Black 430mm x 323mm x 127mm 13.5L NCR138
Orange 430mm x 323mm x 127mm 13.5L NCR139

We also supply a lid to suit the 13.5L Plastic Nesting crates as they are sold separately.

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