Heavy Machinery Custom Production Trailers

We were contacted to design, manufacture and supply a range of heavy machinery production trailers. These trailers were designed to safely and efficiently transport farming equipment and large machinery around a warehouse.

The project scope was to design a large dollie that could safely move 2.5-ton equipment around a warehouse using a forklift or mobile tug. With collaboration, the design of 1x 3 and 1x 4 series link trailers was approved for production.

Each trailer is supplied with a tow bar for easy connection to a forklift or mobile tug. The simple but effective hitching system allows for a series of trailers to be connected to each other to form a train-like series of trailers. The trailers are fitted with a dual steering linkage system which enables a straight-line towing format when the trailer series are joined. The trailers have been powder coated a yellow colour for safety and high visibility. The 4x PU1224 Richmond heavy duty polyurethane tyred cast iron centred wheels allow for easy replacement if required, eliminating any trailer downtime. The steel top heavy-duty hard-wearing floor is perfect for transporting heavy components or large machinery.


  • Standard Steel Section frame
  • 4x PU1224, 300mm diameter and 100mm wide heavy duty Polyurethane tyred cast iron centred wheels
  • Load rating 2000 – 2500kgs
  • Tow bar and hitch to connect the trailers together
  • Powder coated yellow for durability and safety
  • Steel top deck heavy-duty hard-wearing floor
  • Dual steer: as the front axels are turning the rear axel can pivot to give a tighter turning circle
  • Locally designed by our in-house engineering team and manufactured here at our Melbourne facility

Our design team worked closely with the customer to ensure the finished part was easy to install and made to meet the required installation date. Our manufacturing facility has the capabilities to process large and small orders quickly and reliably to meet requirements of every client and application.

Contact our Engineering department to speak about your project now by calling 1300 474 246, or email [email protected].

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