Custom made stackable Pipe Rollers that can handle any pipeline in any environment

Designed to support and guide pipes during installation, maintenance, and transportation, Pipe Rollers are an essential piece of equipment for major infrastructure projects across Australia and New Zealand.

Richmond Rolling Solutions recently partnered with one of the worlds leading pipeline and associated facilities construction contractors to custom design and manufacture 40 multi-purpose stackable Pipe Rollers for a number of upcoming pipeline projects.

The required Pipe Rollers needed to meet very specific requirements for the customer, including:

  • Versatility to suit different pipe diameters
  • Ability to support a load capacity of 4000kg
  • Resistance to corrosion in all environments
  • Protection of pipelines during transport
  • Superior durability and performance

How we custom designed and manufactured the Pipe Rollers

Working closely with our customer, the Richmond engineering team was able to quickly and precisely design and manufacture the 40 stackable Pipe Rollers in only 8 weeks.

To ensure we met the requirements, careful consideration was given to the selected materials and rollers at each stage of the manufacture.

The completed Pipe Rollers were designed to suit pipe diameters from 150mm to 1200mm with a load capacity of 4000kg, providing outstanding versatility across all types of pipelines.


Polyurethane roller upgrade

The customer was scheduled to use both coated steel and GPR pipelines for future projects, which meant a standard steel roller wouldn’t adequately do the job.

Polyurethane rollers were chosen because they significantly reduce the risk of damaging pipeline coatings. This ensures the rollers are suitable for a large range of pipeline sizes and types, plus a high load capacity.


Galvanised steel frame for corrosion resistance

Another unique element of this project was the need to protect the Pipe Rollers in an environmentally sensitive area where corrosion wasn’t permitted.

Richmond selected a galvanised steel frame due to its ability to withstand harsh conditions without the risk of deterioration while also maximising the product’s lifespan for the future pipeline projects.

By balancing performance with economic constraints, the galvanised finish was a key element in the overall success of the project.

Successfully project delivery

Using the 40 multi-purpose stackable Pipe Rollers, the customer was able to successfully transport and install its pipeline with zero impact on the structure throughout the construction process.

These Pipe Rollers will become a valuable and versatile asset for the company’s upcoming projects and a reliable part of its overall materials handling solution for many years to come.


Do you have an upcoming pipeline project?

This project demonstrates Richmond Rolling Solutions ability to customise highly complex, large scale materials handling solutions at scale and speed.

With our talented in-house engineers and cutting-edge equipment, we can meet the needs of any customer that manages major oil, gas, water and construction projects.

If you want to discuss how we can tailor a Pipe Roller solution for you, please get in touch with our friendly team.

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