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  • Concrete Agitator JTY Trunnion Rollers (AGR002)

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  • Concrete Agitator Maxi Trunnion Rollers (AGR001)

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  • mini concrete trunnion roller

    Concrete Agitator Mini Trunnion Rollers (AGR003)

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Custom made and manufactured using the highest quality materials for extreme conditions, Richmond’s Agitator and Trunnion Rollers include:

  • A design that allows for easy installation, the roller simply drops into a cradle or frame that suits your equipment.
  • Superior durability and reliability helps eliminate any production downtime.
  • Minimal maintenance saves time and money.
  • Richmond’s range of Agitator and Trunnion Rollers can support up to 10 tonnes.

Over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing Agitator and Trunnion rollers.


Do you operate large mineral mining equipment?

Specifically designed for use in heavy-duty mining equipment such as trommel/rotary screens, you can speed up mineral sorting accuracy and efficiency with a custom made Trommel Rollers from Richmond!

Gold and Diamond Mining Trommels

Rapidly improve gold and diamond processing, extraction, and recovery with a Trommel Rollers that’s an essential part of your overall Washing Plant.

Iron Ore Trommels

Our Trommel Rollers can be used in Trommel Scrubbers that require a high rotating speed to help wash and process iron ore.

Solid Waste Trommels

Improve your throughput and processing with a Trommel that is supported with a Richmond Trommel Roller to help sort and separate solid waste or low-grade materials.


Do you operate concrete mixers?

An efficient and reliable concrete agitator keeps your concrete mixture in a liquid state to prevent it from settling and hardening during transportation or on site.

A key component of these hydraulic systems is the rotating barrel, drum or screen, which requires an Agitator or Trunnion Roller.

Richmond Wheel & Castor Co. has been designing and supplying steel Agitator and Trunnion Rollers to customers in the construction industry for over 30 years.

From small to large trucks, we have the capability to custom design and deliver Agitator and Trunnion Rollers to suit your equipment. This includes a full range of spare parts, so you can have the confidence to partner with Richmond for all your concrete agitator needs!


Trunnion Rollers: A hard-working, versatile piece of equipment

An Agitator or Trunnion Roller is a type of rotary roller used in machinery to support a rotating cylindrical part, such as a drum, screen or trommel.

The product consists of a cylindrical roller or a set of rollers that is mounted on a stationary shaft – which is perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the part being supported. The rollers allow the cylindrical part to rotate smoothly and reduce friction and wear on the supporting structure.

Agitator and Trunnion Rollers are commonly used in a variety of industrial applications, including cement and mineral processing plants, paper mills, and oil refineries. They are typically made from durable materials such as cast iron, steel, or alloy steel, and are designed to withstand high loads.

Agitator and Trunnion Rollers are critical components of machinery and require regular maintenance and inspection to ensure proper functioning and prevent breakdowns.

While there are many causes that can lead to the eventual replacement of your Agitator or Trunnion Rollers – such as excessive grinding and skewing – plant managers and machine operators can benefit from a dynamic maintenance schedule that allows for downtime of selected drums each month.

If you need to talk about replacing an Agitator or Trunnion Roller, please get in touch with our in-house team of engineers.

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