Castor Wheels

For information on important factors to consider when choosing a castor, see our selecting a castor guide

Versatility is a highly valued trait, whether it’s in a person or a product, and castor wheels – otherwise known as castors – are one such product that can certainly be classed as versatile. Castors are single, double or compound wheels that facilitate easier multidirectional steering. However, it’s important to make the distinction between casters and wheels, as they are not technically one and the same; wheels rotate on an axle or shaft that passes through its centre. They come in a solid or spoked design and can be made from a vast range of materials. The wheel is actually one part of a larger component called a caster, which is formed when the wheel is attached to the caster frame. The frame can either be rigid or swivelled in design.

Castors can be used for a wide range of applications and products, which we’ll look at below. If you need caster wheels in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, or elsewhere in Australia like Perth, Adelaide or Darwin, discover the huge range available from Richmond.

Uses For Castors

Used across many industries, institutions, facilities and even in households, castor wheels can be found on everything from shopping carts and hospital beds through to office chairs and trolleys. They are of the utmost importance when attached to mechanical equipment that’s designed to reduce manual labour, as their key purpose is to provide maximum load bearing capacity to various mechanical aids and allow workers to transfer goods easily from one place to another. This is why caster wheels consist of specialised components like castor cups, which make them strong and sturdy enough to be used on both flat and smooth or rough and uneven surfaces.

Safety Features and Considerations

One of the key safety features of casters is the use of brakes to stop the wheels from travelling unnecessarily. If you have casters on the mattress of your bed, for example, you won’t want your bed moving around the room as you toss and turn while you sleep. If you require seating while you’re in the shower, you’ll want assurance that the seat won’t move on the slippery surface, and brakes on your casters will ensure your seat in fixed in place.

If you’re looking to fix casters to an item, be aware that different castor wheels are capable of accommodating different weight loads. Be sure to add the weight of any people if necessary, for example if the castors are going to support not just a king sized mattress but also two people sleeping on it.

What To Look For And Consider When Buying Castor Wheels

Whether you’re located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth or Darwin, there are numerous factors to consider when shopping for casters for a particular item or project. Castor wheels can positively affect productivity; select the right caster for the product or item and it will become significantly easier to move. You can find a wide range of casters with different wheel diameters, thicknesses and materials to suit your requirements.

Safety is also a crucial point of consideration, both from an ergonomic and an operative / functional point of view. Most injuries that occur when moving heavy items are typically a result of a pull bar being too high for the operator to comfortably handle, or else the equipment is particularly resistant to being moved. Castors help to offset or eliminate that risk of injury by enabling the item to be wheeled across the ground. But it’s important that the castor wheels are the right size and can comfortably carry the weight of the item being moved.

You’ll find that poorly surfaced floors, whether that comes down to age or poor workmanship, will affect the castors ability to roll on the floor. For caster wheels that have the best chance at protecting not just the floor but the transported cargo as well, look for casters with a soft rubber tread.

Discover Our Complete Range Of Castors

Richmond stocks Australia’s leading range of castor wheels for all types of applications. From furniture and bed castors to plastic and heavy duty steel caster wheels, we have options to suit all weight requirements and all needs. You’ll also find essential components like base plates, castor frames and much more. Richmond delivers to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Darwin, so browse our range and place you order today.