9 Shelf Bakery Rack to Suit 18” Trays (BKR1809)

The BKR1809 is a 9 shelf bakery rack designed to hold 18″ baking trays. 

This 9 shelf bakery rack features a fully welded finish, 304 grade stainless steel construction, a Z base nesting frame design and bolt-on interchangeable stainless steel castors. No more rust, and no more grinding off the castors when they’re due for replacement. Our castors are the best in the industry, and are simple to replace.

Overall Height: 1800mm
Overall Length: 736mm
Outside Frame Width: 520mm
Baking Tray Runner Height: 175mm
Baking Tray Runner Width: 75mm
Castors: 100mm (4”) Stainless Steel Hi-Temperature Castors

Need something different? We can swap from stainless steel castors to mild steel castors when price is critical, or design a custom solution. Our team are always happy to help.

Not only do we supply bakery racks, but our wide range of complementary products such as aluminium baking trays, stainless steel baking trays, bread crates, and bread crate dollies have been designed to meet all of the requirements of bakeries, kitchens and food manufacturing facilities.  Click here to see the full range of Baking Racks available from Richmond.

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