Table Lifter Double Scissor 500kg (SLR013)

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Product Name : Table Lifter Double Scissor

Capacity: 500kg

Table size: 520 x 1010mm

Max Table Height: 1600mm

Min Table Height: 440mm

  • Huge 1600mm raised height
  • Raise loads of up to 500kg with ease
  • 150mm Polyurethane Tyred Cast Iron Wheels

These double scissor lift tables are identical in concept to the unit previous but will lift much higher which makes them very useful in the installation industry. Installing switchboards, ducting etc becomes much simpler with these lifters. A dual scissor mechanism operated by hydraulic foot pump allows for safe, stable load lowering and raising to heights over 1.5m. They are recommended to reduce incidents of overreaching and unsafe lifting. Richmond’s Double Scissor Lift Tables are the solution for workshops, installers and maintenance applications. Easily positioned and correctly adjusted to a suitable height for the task at hand, table lifters lend themselves to being easily adapted to a multitude of uses.

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