Spring Pallet Leveller (PLR004)

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Why choose this Spring Actuated Pallet Leveller?

  • Unbelievably tough with zero power requirements
  • Includes forklift access points for easy positioning and transport
  • Includes shock, absorbing stainless steel scissor lift
  • Automatically maintains loads at an optimum working height when loading or unloading goods
  • Dramatically reduce the effort required to palletise goods
  • Built-in turntable allows for simple load rotation and access to all sides
  • 2000kg maximum load capacity can accommodate a wide range of products
  • Outstanding solution for busy warehouse environments
  • Ergonomically designed by our in-house engineers



  • Available in: Steel or Galvanised Steel
  • Load Capacity: 2000kg
  • Basement Size: 915mm x 943mm
  • Platform Diameter: 1110mm
  • Max Height: 705mm
  • Min Height: 240mm
  • Fork Access Dimensions: 95 x 300mm


With conveniently located forklift access points and an automatic adjustable working height, this spring loaded pallet leveller is ideal for busy warehousing environments. The updated model includes a built-in turntable for easy access from all sides, 2000kg load capacity and a compact overall footprint. See why leading businesses choose Richmond for their pallet handling needs!

Base Size (mm) 920 x 930

Platform Diameter (mm) 1110

Capacity (kg) 2000

Max Height (mm) 705

Min Height (mm) 245

Fork access dimensions (mm) 95 x 300

What are the main uses and benefits of a Spring Actuated Pallet Leveller?

A spring actuated or spring loaded pallet leveller – also known as a hydraulic pallet positioner or pallet leveller – is a common device used in material handling and logistics operations to facilitate the safe and efficient loading and unloading of pallets. 

Its main purpose is to provide a safe and ergonomic solution for adjusting the height of pallets, ensuring they’re at the optimal working height for convenient handling. Here are the main uses of a spring actuated pallet leveller:

Easy pallet loading and unloading:

Spring loaded pallet levellers are most often used in warehouses, distribution centres, and shipping facilities to load and unload pallets from trucks, trailers, or shipping containers. They help to bridge the height difference between the loading dock and the truck bed, allowing for smooth and safe movement of pallets.

Ergonomic handling:

Pallet levellers contribute to improved worker safety and ergonomics. By adjusting the height of pallets, they minimise the need for workers to bend or stretch excessively during manual material handling tasks. This helps reduce the risk of injuries such as back strains, sprains, and fatigue.

Automatic height adjustment:

A spring actuated pallet leveller will automatically maintain a load at the ideal height for manual loading and unloading. This feature is particularly useful when loading or unloading pallets onto different types of equipment, such as forklifts, pallet jacks, or conveyor systems.

Load stabilisation:

Will help to stabilise the load on a pallet by maintaining a consistent and level platform. This ensures your products or goods on the pallet are securely positioned and less likely to shift or fall during transport or storage. It helps to improve load integrity and reduces the risk of damage to the goods.

Increased productivity:

By providing a stable and properly aligned work surface, spring actuated pallet levellers facilitate faster and more efficient loading and unloading processes. Workers can easily access pallets and transfer goods with minimal effort, reducing handling time and increasing productivity.

Instant adaptability:

Spring loaded pallet levellers are designed to accommodate various pallet sizes, weights, and load configurations. They can be adjusted to match the specific requirements of different pallet types, allowing for versatility in handling a variety of products or loads.

A spring actuated pallet leveller will quickly become an essential tool for your material handling needs. They contribute to a safer and more productive work environment by simplifying the loading and unloading processes while reducing the physical strain on your workers.

If you have any questions about choosing the right pallet leveller for your workplace, please get in touch with our friendly team!

Product Code PLR004
Safe Working Load (kg) 2000
Platform Diameter (mm) 1110
Min Height (mm) 245
Max Height (mm) 705
Basement Size (mm) 920 x 930
PLR004 instruction manual Download

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Easily Moveable by Pallet Jack or Forklift

With a convenient 95mm ground clearance, the PLR004 offers easy access for both pallet jacks and forklifts, simplifying repositioning tasks.

Automatically Keeps Goods at a Safe Working Height

The PLR004 table lowers as weight is added to ensure that goods can be loaded and unloaded safely with ease. Making it easier than ever to palletise stock.

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