Pallet Disc Rotator (PLR002)

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Make loading, unloading, wrapping and rotating your pallets easier and safer than ever before with this convenient Pallet Disc Rotator. Featuring incredible rotational functionality and an ultra-low profile (25mm) for hand pallet jacks. This is a must have for busy warehousing environments!

Why you’ll love this Pallet Disc Rotator

  • Massive load capacity of 1800kg
  • Smooth rotational functionality 
  • Easy to move and remove pallets due to low profile design
  • Includes a lock to avoid accidental rotations
  • Maintenance free design makes life easy
  • Offers a stable and secure platform for your goods
  • Allows for convenient access to your products
  • Optimise space in your workplace
  • Minimises the risk of injury or strain for your workers
  • Outstanding solution for warehouse environments


  • Load Capacity: 1800kg
  • Disc Diameter: 1143mm
  • Overall Height: 23mm with round ramp surrounding the disc
  • Outer Diameter: 1143mm
  • Unit Weight: 114kg


What are the main benefits of a Pallet Disc Rotator?

A Pallet Disc Rotator, also known as a Pallet Turntable or Pallet Rotator, is widely-used in busy warehousing environments where pallets are transported during day-to-day operations. This model includes a number of benefits for businesses. Here are our top 5:

  1. Load stability: By rotating the pallet and load together, a Pallet Disc Rotator will help to maintain load stability during handling and transportation. This is particularly useful if you have fragile or unstable loads that need to be kept in their original orientation, preventing damage or product loss.
  2. Improved safety: Eliminate the need for manual intervention or excessive physical labour to reposition your goods. This reduces the risk of injuries associated with manual lifting, twisting, and bending, improving your overall workplace safety.
  3. Time saver: These convenient devices can significantly reduce the time and labour required to reposition or exchange pallets. Rotating loads can be done quickly and efficiently, streamlining workflow and increasing your productivity.
  4. Space optimisation: A Pallet Disc Rotator enables efficient use of storage space by allowing loads to be rotated, which can help maximise the available storage area. This is particularly beneficial in warehouses, distribution centres, and other facilities where space is at a premium.
  5. Versatility: This Pallet Disc Rotator is designed to handle a wide range of pallet sizes, types, and load capacities, ensuring it can be used for a wide-variety of purposes in your workplace, including areas where more complex movement is required. 

By investing in a handy Pallet Disc Rotator you’ll not only boost your materials handling workflows but you’ll be ensuring the long-term safety of your staff and goods. 

If you have any questions about choosing this pallet turntable for your workplace, please get in touch with our friendly team!

Product Code PLR002
Safe Working Load (kg) 1800
Platform Diameter (mm) 1143
Height (mm) 23

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