Right Container Locking Castor Fitting Kit (CONTAINER-LOCK-KITR)

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These kits once fitted to each castor, are then mounted onto each corner of the container, thus making the container mobile. Fitting requires using two left-hand and two right-hand. Using 3000 Series cators allows a maximum total of 12 tonne loading at 8KPH and EHP castors will allow a 20 tonne loading. Shipping containers have 2 left and right fittings, so to order the correct fittings to move a container, order 2 x 195CONT-LOCKITL, 2 x 195CONT-LOCKITR and 4 castors

Kit Includes:
1 x Right corner fitting
1 x Locating bush
1 x M30 bolt
1 x Flat washer
4 x M30 Spring washers & fasteners
Click Here to see how to assemble the container locking castor kit


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