Stack & Nest Crates

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  • 32L Stack & Nest Crates

    32L Stack & Nest Crates

  • 52L Stack & Nest Crates

    52L Stack & Nest Crates

  • 68L Stack & Nest Crates

    68L Stack & Nest Crates

  • Stack & Nest Dollies

    Stack & Nest Dollies

  • 32L Stack & Nest Crate Natural (SNR003RWCNAT)

  • 32L Stack & Nest Crate Transparent (SNR003TRANS)

  • 32L Stack & Nest Crate Red (SNR003RWCRED)

  • 32L Stack & Nest Crate Blue (SNR003RWCBLU)

  • 32L Stack & Nest Crate Grey(SNR003RWCGRY)

  • 32L Stack & Nest Crate Orange(SNR003RWCORA)

  • 32L Stack & Nest Crate Green (SNR003RWCGRE)

  • 32L Stack & Nest Crate Yellow(SNR003RWCYEL)

  • 32L Recyclable Crate Black (SNR004RWCBLK)

  • 52L Stack & Nest Crate Natural (SNR002RWCNAT)

  • 52L Stack & Nest Crate Transparent (SNR002RWCTRANS)

  • 52L Stack & Nest Crate Red (SNR002RWCRED)

  • 52L Stack & Nest Crate Orange (SNR002RWCORA)

  • 52L Stack & Nest Crate Green (SNR002RWCGRE)

  • 52L Stack & Nest Crate Yellow (SNR002RWCYEL)

  • 52L Stack & Nest Crate Blue (SNR002RWCBLU)

Showing 1–16 of 34 results

At Richmond, we’re really proud of our Stack & Nest Crate range. And it’s not hard to see why – these plastic storage containers are ultra-durable due to their polypropylene construction, plus our coloured stack & nest tubs are also food-grade , making them ideal for use in the hospitality and food services industries.

Our food-grade tubs are also extremely versatile due to the nature of their stacking & nesting design. Have you ever wondered what ‘stack and nest’ truly means? The unique mould of these crates allows for two different applications, and it’s really clever!


When not in use, our stack & nest crates will slide inside of each other nicely, allowing you to save space. We call this ‘nesting’. In order to achieve the nesting position, place your tubs inside of one another, all facing the same orientation.


When your stack & nest crates are full, you can sit them on top of one another without damaging the contents of the crate below. In order to achieve this, all you need to do is rotate the tubs 180 degrees, ensuring that each second tub is facing in the opposite orientation to the other.

If you’re looking for plastic storage containers with lids, we’ve got you covered! Richmond’s Stack & Nest range offer two different lid options, each with tabs that secure the lid into place.

Want to move your plastic containers around with ease? Check out Richmond’s Stack & Nest Tub Dollie!

Want to view our stacking & nesting tubs? Visit one of our showrooms! They’re open to public, and they all have a huge range of plastic storage solutions. Whether you’re in Melbourne, Sydney (we have branches in Caringbah and Wetherill Park), Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide or Darwin, our friendly staff will help you to select the perfect solution. We know our plastic tubs – whether it be for commercial or domestic use. Have a question, or would like a quote? Call us on 1300 474 246, or email [email protected]

Versatile, durable, and reliable – Richmond’s Stack & Nest tubs are the best plastic stacking containers on the market.

Storage solutions are as important as any other system in an industry, warehouse, workplace or in a household. This is what prompts us to design high-end storage solutions such as plastic stacking containers, plastic storage crates, stackable storage boxes, stackable storage bins (like Nally bins) or recycled bins for our clients. These are just a few of our wide range of everyday storage solutions. We use the highest quality plastic for our stack and nest crates of any other line of product. This makes them durable and preferred by a number of our clients.

We ensure that each of our storage based products goes through thorough quality control tests so that they are suitable for all types of purposes and environments. You can avail our versatile storage solutions in different sizes, designs, shapes and functions that will match your requirements.