Crate Skate Tub Dollie with 75mm, 100mm or 125mm Wheels


    Why Choose the Richmond Stack & Nest Tub Dollie?

    • Custom Anti-Topple design
    • Over 15 different wheel options
    • Industrial grade recyclable polypropylene construction
    • Ergonomic design for easy lifting & handling
    • Rounded corners to reduce damage to walls, doors & furniture
    • Huge 400kg Safe Working Load
    • Castor brakes to secure dollie when stopped

    Introducing the new and improved Richmond Stack & Nest Tub Dollie! We've taken our original, best-selling plastic container dollie, and made it even better. Our in-house engineering team have been focussed on designing a tub dollie that not only increases efficiency and manoeuvrability, but also prevents toppling when stacked together for moving and storage.
    Designed specifically to house our food-grade Stack & Nest Tubs (available in 32L, 52L & 68L volumes), this plastic container dollie ticks all of the boxes. It is constructed out of industrial grade recyclable polypropylene material, which is not only great for durability, but also makes it a breeze to clean. An ergonomic design allows for easy lifting and handling, and the round edges on our new plastic container dollie greatly reduce the chance of damage to walls, doors and furniture.

    Richmond's custom Anti-Topple design allows for our plastic container dollies to be stacked on top of one another for easy moving and storage. Not only that, but each dollie comes with 2 braked castors to secure dollies when stopped. No more runaway plastic tubs!

    And that's not even the best part. Our Stack & Nest Tub Dollie comes with over 15 different wheel options! This means you can choose the best wheel type for your application. Whether you need stainless steel nylon castors for easy wash-down, or non-marking rebound rubber wheels for sensitive surfaces, we've got you covered.

    The Richmond Stack & Nest Tub Dollie is ideal for reducing back injury and handling foods across a whole range of industries, including: butchers, fishing, food service, chicken & poultry, and lots more.

    We also sell a wide range of skates and dollies, and plastic storage solutions. Have a question about our range, or would like a quote? Email [email protected], call 1300 474 246, or visit one of our showrooms in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide or Darwin.

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