Hot Stamping

Hot Stamping

Get your logo or custom text stamped on selected Richmond plastics products.

View our full plastics range to see which products can be hot stamped. If you have any questions you can always contact our team.

How it Works

Hot stamping is achieved by using a stamping press to transfer foil onto the surface of a plastic object.

The stamp is heated and then pressed through the foil and onto the product, this transfers the printed image in whatever colour is chosen.

Standard Colours Available: White, Black, Yellow, Red

Standard Letters

For faster processing or smaller quantity orders, we can offer hot stamping from our standard set of letters.

This option saves on tooling costs and is perfect for printing names or location names for identifying your plastics.

Custom Logos and Fonts

If your brand needs to stand out above all else, we can offer custom stamping of custom logos and fonts as an option.

To achieve this, a custom tool is made to the shape of your logo, which can then be stamped onto the plastic product.

See the Hot Stamp Process in Action

Get in touch with the team at your nearest Richmond branch for more information on getting your products hot stamped.