Pallet Jacks For Sale

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  • Standard Pallet Jack (PJR001Y)

  • Extra Long 1800mm Pallet Jack (PJR013)

  • Double Pallet Jack 2400mm Long (PJR014)

  • Narrow Pallet Jack (PJR002Y)

  • Stubby Narrow Pallet Jack (PJR012)

  • Galvanised Pallet Jack (PJR003)

  • Galvanised Pallet Jack with Stainless Steel Handle (PJR009)

  • Narrow Galvanised Pallet Jack (PJR011)

  • Standard Pallet Jack Low Profile (PJR005)

  • 4-Way Narrow Pallet Jack Low Profile (PJR010)

  • Pallet Jack Powered with Detachable Battery Pack (PJR008)

  • Pallet Jack Battery Electric (PJR006)

  • Hi Lift Skid Lifter with Standard Foot Pump (HLR001)

  • Hi Lift Skid Lifter with Narrow Foot Pump (HLR002)

  • Hi Lift Skid Lifter Battery Electric 12V (HLR003)

  • Hi Lift Skid Lifters with 12V Battery (HLR004)

Showing 1–16 of 19 results

It’s difficult to imagine a business that won’t use a pallet truck at some point. They are indispensable when it comes to moving furniture, loading and unloading bulky items and of course, they are integral to warehousing and factory work. Wherever you work an investment in a decent pallet truck is a wise move.

We’re proud to have hard-wearing pallet jacks for sale that can be used in multiple industries. We’ve been in business for over sixty years and have worked with many different Australian companies from all kinds of backgrounds, including healthcare, engineering, hospitality and warehousing. In every case, we’re pleased to have delivered quality jacks that last and last.

Our Pallet Jacks

There are many things to look at when choosing a pallet truck. They will need to be incredibly sturdy, made of strong materials and able to undergo constant use. You should be sure it has a range of movement and enough lifting power to deal with whatever load it has to carry.

We have two main pallet jacks for sale:

  • Pallet Jack Semi Electric Walk Behind – This is a compact design pallet jack which makes it ideal for small or awkward spaces. It will work very well in retail settings if you need to get items through display aisles or into service lifts. You might find it useful in warehouses too if you need to get between narrow stacks.It employs an electric motor which aids movement and reduces operator strain. We’ve also employed a high-quality hydraulic pump and an emergency brake, and it can carry up to 1500kg.
  • Pallet Jack Battery Electric – Utilising a powerful 24V power unit, this electric pallet jack is especially useful in fast-paced environments. Like the semi-electric, it is also compact and manoeuvrable enough to fit in tight spaced and narrow aisles but has the benefit of great traction requiring less effort and therefore usable by a wider workforce.

Its lifting and propulsion are fully electric, and its durable forked design is capable of transporting up 1500kg as well.

Along with manual pallet jacks for sale, we also offer other handling solutions for bulky items. If you are looking to fulfil your warehouse resource requirements it might be worth taking a look at our pneumatic tyre trolleys as well.

These include:

  • Folding Platform Trolleys – They come in a range of different sizes, but all are built for hard work. We give them puncture proof castors which give the platform unrivalled stability and smoothness of ride which will dramatically reduce potential damage to your items.
  • Pneumatic Hand Trolleys – Often used for tall or bulky appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, these sturdy and secure trolleys a constructed with a tough toe plate, loading strips and a range options to suit your requirements.

Order a Pallet Jack Today!

If you aren’t sure the options available to you right now, why not give us a call and we’ll offer you the benefit of our experience. We’ve worked with all kinds of industries on their handling solutions and we’ll know just the product to help you out.

When you are ready to order, either make use of our online ordering system, request a quote or give us a call. We’re also happy to take emails and with some of our items, we’re happy to break the cost down into smaller payments. You can find our stores and warehouses all over the country so order now and you jack will be with you in a matter of days!

Many warehouses and construction sites have confined spaces which can’t accommodate larger materials handling machinery. Even so, these spaces still need to be navigated safely and materials still need to be handled carefully. Fortunately, the specialists at Richmond offer a selection of pallet jacks that can be used in narrow aisles and other tight spaces. From Melbourne to Sydney, Adelaide to Brisbane, and Darwin to Perth, we can deliver pallet jacks all over Australia that meet the specific requirements and demands of your workplace environment.

In 1961, Richmond decided that pallet jacks should be painted yellow – and fifty years later, that is still the case.

Our pallet jacks are renowned for delivering exceptional manoeuvrability while offering maximum operator comfort. They’re also engineered for longevity in all industrial workplaces. Providing uncompromised productive use with industry leading construction, they feature easy access entry and exit rollers specifically designed for Australian hardwood pallets. Preventing physical exertion of the operator, our range of pallet trucks are also built with durability in mind so that they can handle loads of up to 2,500 kilograms.

With 56 years of pallet truck experience, Richmond is your one-stop shop for pallet jacks, ride on pallet trucks and pallet truck scales in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin and Perth.

Why Shop With Richmond?

Richmond is a family owned company that has accumulated over 50 years of experience supplying a wide range of products for clients in Australia and New Zealand. Whether you live in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth or Darwin, you can rest assured we can improve the safety and efficiency of your workplace operations.

We are a leading manufacturer of wheels, castors and rollers as well as manual and electric materials handling equipment for a variety of industries and applications. Our highly skilled experts pride themselves on being able to continually improve and innovate, ensuring that we remain a cutting edge supplier of pallet jacks, trolleys, hand trucks, site safety equipment, and much more.

Standard Galvanised Pallet Truck

With a load capacity of 2,000kg and a fork width of 160mm, the standard galvanised pallet truck from Richmond is a fantastic solution for standard pallet truck tasks.

Low Profile Pallet Trucks

When dealing with skids and packs that have a small clearance, a low profile pallet truck offers an ideal solution. These pallet jacks are lowered to a height of just 55mm and are built to the same high-quality standards as our other pallet trucks. However, these are not suitable for use on Australian Hardwood pallets.

Battery Electric Pallet Trucks

At Richmond, our battery electric pallet trucks are durable and compact. Perfect for use in fast paced environments, they’re also a great option for confined spaces such as narrow aisles. They are also particularly useful for reducing the strain on operators and come with a number of advanced features, including full electric lifting capabilities of up to 2,000 kilograms.

Shop With Richmond Today

By choosing to shop with Richmond, you’re guaranteed to receive the highest quality pallet jacks and materials handling products available. We can provide solutions for clients throughout Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin and Perth.

Contact us today to learn more about our pallet jacks and discuss your requirements. You can do this by simply calling 1300 474 246 or filling out our simple online contact form for a prompt reply. We’ll do our best to answer your questions, meet your needs and exceed your expectations.