Narrow Pallet Jack (PJR002Y)

Product Name Standard Pallet Jacks

Safe Working Load (kg) 2500

Model Narrow

Max Fork Height (mm) 190

Min fork height (mm) 85

Fork Length (mm) 1150

Fork Overall Width (mm) 540

Individual Fork Width (mm) 160

In 1961, Richmond decided that pallet jacks should be painted yellow and fifty years later, that is still the case. Renowned for providing exceptional manoeuvrability whilst providing maximum operator comfort, Richmond pallet jacks are engineered for longevity in all industrial workplaces. Providing uncompromising productive use with industry leading construction, they feature easy access entry and exit rollers specifically designed for Australian hardwood pallets. Preventing physical exertion of the operator, our range of pallet trucks are built tough for loads of up to 2,500kg.

With 56 years of pallet truck experience, Richmond is your one-stop shop for pallet jacks, ride on pallet trucks and pallet truck scales.

Standard Galvanised Pallet Trucks

With a load capacity of 2,000kg and a fork width of 160mm, Richmond’s standard galvanised pallet truck is perfect for standard pallet truck tasks.

Low Profile Pallet Trucks

When dealing with skids and packs that have a small clearance, a low profile pallet truck is ideal. These jacks are lowered to a height of just 55mm and built to the same high-quality standards as our other pallet trucks. These are not suitable for use on Australian Hardwood pallets.

Battery Electric Pallet Trucks

Richmond’s battery electric pallet trucks are durable, compact and come complete with full electric lifting capabilities of up to 2,000kg.

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