Bearings & Sleeves

Looking for Top Quality Bearings? We Can Help

At Richmond Wheel and Castor Co., we specialise in moving things safely, efficiently, reliably, and consistently. Sometimes, that means selling you a sturdy wheelbarrow or stainless steel trolley to move your construction materials, parcels, or grocery products to whatever site, shelf, or warehouse they’re going to. Other times, it’s providing you with the right wheels or castors to affix to something bulky and heavy, getting it rolling seamlessly in no time. Still other times, it’s providing you with fatigue mats or removal blankets to protect large, expensive goods during transportation. And last but not least, it also means we provide excellent quality bearings and sleeves to keep your equipment moving the way it’s meant to.

We might be a humble family business, but we’ve been around long enough to know the industries we serve very well. We know that manufacturing equipment, especially complex machines, is only as reliable as its most reliable piece. The moment a cog or fitting snaps, you potentially have major damage on your hands. And with plenty of machinery, “major damage” means major costs. Repairs are expensive, and replacements can be a small fortune. Even if nothing goes wrong, your machinery can wear down over time, and the quality of your parts determines how fast that will happen. One big part of wear & tear is motion; are all the parts moving exactly as they’re meant to and no further? With our bearings, you can ensure that they are. We’ll make sure your equipment’s range of motion is tightly controlled and smooth.

Our Range of Bearings, Sleeves, and Top Hats

Whether it’s for a small castor or an industrial-grade harvest machine, our collection of different bearings has you covered. We naturally offer your typical deep groove and flanged ball bearings in a dozen different sizes, to cover whatever sort of light-duty machine you’re working with. While the part is typical, the quality is anything but average; we don’t sell anything but the best. So, our deep groove bearings are excellent for motors, mowers, washers, copiers, and other typical household and office equipment. Our flanged bearings are great for HVAC equipment, assembly line conveyor belts, textile plants, and many more applications. With the right size, our bearings will keep your machine’s motion smooth, tight, and consistent to minimise wear & tear as much as possible.

We also have sleeves and top hats to work alongside our famously well-made castors and axles. The sleeves also come in plenty of different sizes, and axles can always be cut down to the required size to match. Our sleeves come in both mild steel and stainless steel, depending on your needs. If your main concern is durability and strength, our mild steel has you covered. On the other hand, if you expect the sleeve to encounter a variety of chemicals or conditions, especially corrosive ones, you’ll definitely want stainless steel. Out top hats also offer similar functionality to our sleeves, in a smaller size.

Lastly, our agricultural bearings are great for farming equipment such as harvest machines, balers, mowers, and more.

Enquiries About our Bearings and Visits Always Welcome

We don’t just offer the best bearings in Melbourne. We’re in every state and even Auckland! You can find the addresses, emails, and numbers of all our showrooms under “Contact Us.” We’re happy to take any enquiries or visits.