Ballast Block Wheel Sets for Ocean Pipe Launch Project

In another project win for Richmond Rolling Solutions, the engineering team worked with HDI Lucas to produce 50 ballast block roller wheel sets for launching waste-water pipe from land to sea. The entire project was taken from design to deployment in just 6 weeks.

The cradle sets were designed to incorporate steel wheels wide enough to stay on top of the sand without sinking, while pre-cast concrete ballast blocks were used to hold the pipe on top of the cradle and added enough weight to sink the pipe once positioned. The pipe was dragged across the beach and into the ocean in segments.

This project is another example of what we love to do. As Australasia’s premier pipe roller specialists, we’ve got the expertise and the fabrication capabilities to handle all pipe and infrastructure projects, big or small. If you have a custom engineering project in mind, you can get in touch with our team for an obligation-free quote.

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