Low Profile Adjustable Roller System

Richmond’s low profile adjustable LPA series have proved themselves to be a versatile asset for the pipeline industry. The design is perfect for transporting and storing, while being capable of handling a large variety of pipe sizes in an economy package. All sizes are available with linear roller configuration (for pipe launching) or rotation roller configuration (for pipe rotation).

Pipe Size
Load Capacity
50 ‐ 500NB 4000 LPA01
50 ‐ 500NB 10000 LPA02
50 ‐ 1000NB 4000 LPA03
50 ‐ 1000NB 10000 LPA04
50 ‐ 2500NB 4000 LPA05
50 ‐ 2500NB 10000 LPA06