Fixed Height Pipe Rollers FHP01 Series


Lightweight Fixed Position Pipe Roller.

Lightweight to medium weight fixed position low profile pipe rollers. This range is designed to be a low cost solution for long pipe launching projects. Each roller is mounted in a welded steel frame. Different sizes and capacities available on request. For maximum cost savings of a specific project, this range can be made to suit one specific pipe diameter, minimizing roller and frame costs.

Standard roller comes with zinc plated steel rollers. For polyurethane tyres, please add PU to the part number, for example FHP01APU.

Pipe Range Size Load Capacity (kg) Product Code
50mm-300mm 200 FHP01A
50mm-450mm 200 FHP01B
200mm-700mm 350 FHP01C
400mm-800mm 450 FHP01D
500mm-1000mm 600 FHP01E


Fixed Position Connectable Pipe Roller.

Low cost lightweight pipe handling accessory made from two sections which need to be joined together to make a complete pipe roller. The purpose of this style is to minimise weight and maximise mobility to allow rollers to be positioned manually. Each assembly connects with each other without any fasteners.

Pipe Range Size Load Capacity (kg) Product Code
50mm-400mm 350 FHP02A
200mm-1000mm 800 FHP02B
200mm-1500mm 1500 FHP02C
600mm-2000mm 2500 FHP02D


Heavy Duty Pipe Roller Range

Richmond’s heavy duty pipe roller range is designed to suit heavy steel, coated steel pipe, and concrete coated pipes. All standard rollers are available with height increasing base frames or variable screw operated height adjustable base frames.

Standard pipe rollers are supplied with polyurethane tyres which are suitable for steel and coated steel pipes. Steel rollers are available on request for heavy duty non-coated steel pipe applications.

Pipe Range Size Load Capacity (kg) Product Code
50mm-400mm 350 FHP03A
200mm-1000mm 800 FHP03B
500mm-1000mm 6000 FHP03C
500mm-1000mm 8000 FHP03D
500mm-1000mm 15000 FHP03E
600mm-1200mm 20000 055-600-1200FIX


Heavy Duty Pipe Roller Range

The FHP04 series is designed to be a heavy pipe handling solution that can be easily configured to fit a wide variety of pipe sizes. By manually repositioning the rollers on the steel chasses each launching assembly can suit large or small diameter pipe. This series is designed to be a solution for a specific project, while remaining a versatile asset for future projects handling different diameter pipes.

Pipe Range Size Load Capacity (kg) Product Code
200mm-2000mm 20000 FHP04A
200mm-2000mm 40000 FHP04B
400mm-2500mm 40000 FHP04C


Heavy Duty Pipe Roller Range.

The FHP05 series is a super heavy duty pipe handling solution with the highest standard load capacity. This launching system can be upgraded to virtually any load capacity. The design features 2 separate modules that are fitted to an additional base frame. The width between the modules will be set to handle a specific pipe size, thus this solution can be made to suit any diameter pipe. The central pivot on each module creates a self-aligning effect, which guarantees each roller is evenly loaded even if the pipe is not completely parallel to the ground.

Pipe Range Size Load Capacity (kg) Product Code
Any diameter 40000 FHP05A
Any diameter 60000 FHP05B
Any diameter 80000 FHP05C
Any diameter 100000 FHP05D