Tug Battery Electric 1500kg (TTR002)

Product Name : Tug Battery Electric 1500kg

Capacity (kg): 1500

Height (mm): 680

Handle Height (mm): 1250

Tow Ball Height (mm): 130(min), 360(max)

Width (mm): 700

Length(mm): 796

Battery (V): 24V


Reducing man power and increasing the speed of moving loads, Richmond’s 1500kg Tug will create significant productivity gains in your workplace. The styling of an electric Pallet Truck combined with a hydraulic draw bar ideally suited to tow ball attachments can be fitted securely to rolling trolleys and platforms, giving the operator complete control of transport. With a smooth variable speed control, powerful 1200 watt motor, robust drive wheel and polyurethane wheels this unit can push/pull indoors and outdoors over a range of different surfaces. Richmond’s 1500kg Tug can be used in a number of industrial manufacturing industries such as:

  • Glass manufacturing
  • Steel works
  • Automotive
  • RV markets
  • Boat building
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