780L Megabin Solid (BNR101GRY)

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Richmond’s Solid One Piece Megabins are constructed from recyclable 100% HDPE, and are food grade and UV Stabilised. This means that our megabins are also resistant to moisture, bacteria, mould and disease carrying organisms, unlike wooden pallets. Our mega crates have a huge advantage over wooden crates – they never change weight, because they never absorb water. Our solid and vented megabins are up to 40% lighter than wooden bins, allowing for an increase in freight efficiencies of 4-5%.

External Dimensions: 1162mm x 1162mm x 780mm

Internal Dimensions: 1082mm x 1082mm x 650mm

Capacity: 780L

Our solid and vented megabins are designed for transporting produce, and the rounded edges and smooth interior surfaces reduce bumps and bruises, while small exterior pads reduce the likelihood of scratches. But these mega crates are not just for produce – they would be perfect for any retail bulk bin use too! We also offer vented megabins, in order to increase airflow. This allows your produce to cool at a faster rate, increasing shelf-life.

Richmond’s high-quality megabins are also stackable, with positive interlocking feet to ensure stability and speed. There’s no need to waste time or floor space with our megabins – we know how valuable it is. With the potential for up to 5000kgs of static stacking in cold storage, Richmond’s vented and non-vented stackable megabins are the ideal produce storage solution.

Our megabins even have a larger forklift entry height than wooden pallets, making the process even simpler. And with over 59 years of experience in the material handling industry, we know what we’re talking about. Looking for a forklift or pallet jack to move your megabins? Browse our range!

And that’s not all – our one piece megabins also have a huge 780L volume! Our mega crates are everything you’ve come to expect from Richmond products – tough, reliable and of the highest-quality.



  • 5000kg on level ground in cold storage
  • 3800kg on level ground at temperatures less than 35 oC for less than 1 month
  • 3400kg on level ground at temperatures less than 35 oC for more than 1 month



  • Double wall corner and centre posts
  • Two hand holds for lifting
  • Smooth internal surfaces
  • Non absorbent surface
  • Multiple vents provide superior air flow



  • High Density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • UV Stabilised
  • Fully Recycable
  • Food Grade Approved


Fork Lift Entry

  • 143mm opening with patented slide entry
  • 90mm Pallet Jack clearance when empty
  • Two hand holds for lifting

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