49mm Steel Skate Rail Wheel (SKW003)

Product Name: 49mm Steel Wheel to Suit Skate Rails

Diameter (mm): 49

Wheel Width (mm): 14.5

Boss Width (mm): 20.6

Material: Steel

Load Capacity (kg): 15

Spare steel wheel to suit Richmond skate rails.

When a higher capacity, free flowing, gravity track system is required in warehouse storage or line applications Richmond Skate Rail is the answer. Designed to reduce costs by drastically relieving manual handling, guaranteed rollability in both the dual and single skate rails. This product is a heavy duty alternative to the lighter Flow Rail, Skate Rail is better suited to heavy industrial loads, pallets and larger robust cartoons. The ability for easy mounting and being virtually maintenance free allow for almost endless uses of products that can be conveyed on skate wheels.

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