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  • Flow Rail with Nylon Skates 3m Length (FRR002)

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  • Skate Rail with Nylon Skates 3m Length (FRR005)

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  • Skate Rail with Steel Skates 3m Length (FRR004)

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  • Skate Rail with Double Steel Skates 3m Length (FRR003)

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  • 48.5mm Nylon Skate Rail Wheel (SKW001)

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  • 49mm Steel Skate Rail Wheel (SKW003)

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Showing all 6 results

Skate Rails that are Ideal For Heavy Duty Applications

A skate rail is a heavy duty alternative to the lighter flow rail, making it very well suited to heavy industrial loads, pallets, larger robust cartons and other heavy duty applications. Designed to reduce costs by drastically relieving manual handling, our dual and single skate rails guarantee rollability. Our available options include a single nylon skate rail with a 750kg load capacity as well as single and double steel skate rails with 1500kg load capacities.

A Skate Rail for Better Productivity

When a higher capacity, free flowing gravity track system is required in warehouse storage or line applications, a skate rail is the answer. As it allows for easy mounting and is virtually maintenance free, it’s suitable for almost endless uses of products that can be conveyed on skate wheels.

Rail Wheel Designed for a Wide Range of Different Applications

There are many industries that can benefit from using a rail wheel system to move heavy industrial loads and pallets. Some of the industries that commonly use this type of system include manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and logistics. The rail wheel system is able to move large and heavy loads quickly and efficiently, which helps to improve productivity in these industries.

The skate rail system is also very versatile and can be customised to meet the specific needs of each industry. For example, the system can be designed to carry loads of different sizes and weights, as well as pallets of different sizes and shapes. This makes it an ideal solution for many different types of businesses.

If you are in an industry that could benefit from using a skate rail system to move heavy industrial loads or pallets, then it is important to consider all of the advantages that this type of system can offer.

Benefits of Investing in a Rail Wheel System

  1. A skate rail can help reduce wear and tear on your industrial equipment by allowing it to carry heavy loads with ease.
  1. By using a skate rail to transport pallets, you can eliminate the need for a forklift or other lifting device, which can save your business money.
  1. Skate rails can also help improve safety in your workplace by reducing the potential for accidents associated with manual lifting of heavy objects.

You can Rely on Us For Your New Rail Wheel

If we had to summarise the benefits of our products in two words, they would be “quality” and “convenience.” We pride ourselves on selling products that are tested time and time again to ensure quality. If we don’t achieve premium quality and reliability, we won’t be selling that product. As a family owned and run business, we take great pride in maintaining the trust of our customers and we value their custom.

Richmond Wheel and Castor Co’s rail wheel are currently making a big difference in businesses, warehouses and factories all over Australia and New Zealand, same goes for our conveyor belts and conveyor roller. Are you ready to jump on board and find out what benefits you can enjoy?
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