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Hanging Door & Gate Hardware

Hardware to suit 35mm wide channel

Hardware to suit 50mm wide channel

Hardware to suit 60mm wide channel


Easy to install and operate, Richmond supply a range of hanging hardware to suit all manner of heavy duty commercial applications, without interfering with the ground or walkways. Our heavy-duty rollers are available in capacities ranging from 70kg-460kg per roller.

Richmond’s range of hanging rollers are widely used for applications such as factory doors, garage doors, heavy duty commercial sliding doors, hanging gate solutions, space dividers, or large doors. Our hanging door equipment can also be used as horizontal truck door rollers. The hanging channel & rollers sit up high and out of the way of loading zones platform of the truck, allowing for goods to be loaded and unloaded without obstruction.

Our range includes: Hanging roller channels, 2 & 4 wheel roller sets, wall & roof mount support brackets, end stoppers, floor mount door guides, track joiners, and end stops. Contact our staff today for help creating the perfect hanging roller door or gate solution for your requirements.

Click here to see an overview of all the hanging gate/door hardware that we supply

Important things to consider for your hanging door/gate installation:

How long is the hanging gate, door etc. going to be?
The hanging channel is supplied in 2.9m or 5.8m lengths. Depending on your application, additional lengths will be needed. In this case, a joint support bracket would be required.

Will the channel be mounted on a wall or roof?
The channel bracket you need will vary depending on your application. For installation you will require at least 2x channel brackets per 2.9m length of gate track.

What type of rollers do you need?
Depending on the weight of your gate the rollers you need will vary. The 2 wheel rollers are suitable for loads up to 350kg, and the 4 wheel rollers for loads up to
460kg (per roller set).

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