Fork Stackers

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  • Simpro Dumpmaster wheelie bin lifter emptying yellow wheelie bin

    Simpro Dumpmaster Bin Lifter 1.8m (WBL1800B)

    $13,200.00 inc GST
  • WBL1600 Simpro Multi-Tip electric wheelie bin tipper

    Simpro Multi-Tip Bin Lifter 1.6m (WBL1600)

    $8,800.00 inc GST
  • 150kg Work Positioner with Platform (FSR013)

    $1,028.50 inc GST
  • 1700mm Battery Powered Univator (UVR002)

    $2,541.00 inc GST
  • 1500mm Battery Powered Univator (UVR003)

    $2,601.50 inc GST
  • Fork Stacker Manual Hydraulic (FSR001)

    1500mm Manual Hydraulic Fork Stacker (FSR001)

    $1,203.95 inc GST
  • Platform Attachment for Fork Stacker (FSR006)

  • Fork Stacker Battery Electric (FSR004)

    1500mm Battery Electric Fork Stacker (FSR004)

    $3,690.50 inc GST
  • 4550mm Straddle Battery Electric Fork Stacker (FSR009)

Showing all 9 results

Richmond offers a wide range of high-quality fork stackers to our customers in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Darwin and Adelaide, as well as in Auckland, New Zealand. These powered stackers have been engineered and manufactured according to the very strictest quality control measures, allowing us to offer our customers the ultimate in efficiency and ease of operation.

Our diverse range includes high-end electric stackers, straddle stackers, battery stackers and fork stackers. We also provide numerous lifters, including electric lifters, fork lifters, hydraulic lifters, manual lifters, mini lifters, heavy duty lifters, straddle lifters and battery lifters.

Both stackers and lifters are equally useful for increasing productivity in different industries. As market leaders in this category, we are aware of the need to assist workers and companies and offer products that require minimal maintenance and offer long-lasting service to users. Because this materials handling equipment is used in a number of applications, we manufacture them in various shapes, sizes and with different functionalities. And because our impressive range of stackers can accommodate loads ranging from 150 up to 1,500kg, there is one for every application.

If you’re in need of a stacker or a lifter, browse our website to check out our vast collection and choose the ones that suit your requirements and budget constraints. You can also pop in to one of our stores in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin or Adelaide. Backed by over 50 years of industry experience, our team have the expertise to advise you on the right materials handling equipment for your needs.

Usage And Benefits

A quality stacker is a crucial piece of machinery for many industries, with applications at facilities including:

Shipping facilities
Supermarkets and retail outlets

Unsafe manual lifting of heavy loads can pose a range of risks for workers, including:

Muscle sprains and strains
Injury to back muscles, ligaments and spinal discs
Abdominal hernias
Injury to soft tissue such as the nerves, tendons and ligaments of the neck, shoulders, wrists, arms or legs

If the load contains hazardous chemicals or waste, those risks can multiply to include poisoning, skin irritation, chemical burns, and even disease. This may occur if a worker spills chemicals due to improper lowering of a load, for example, resulting in inhalation, direct contact, or ingestion of the chemicals.

The usage of electric lifting equipment helps to considerably reduce these risks by offering a safer and more stable way of moving goods that avoids the dangers associated with manual lifting and chemical spillage.

The benefits of this machinery include:

Better security and stability when lifting and lowering loads
Avoiding the downtime associated with worker injury
Reducing worker fatigue
Increasing efficiency of goods handling at your facility
Better worker productivity
Low operating costs, low-maintenance and impressive durability, making it a cost-effective option
Smooth, quiet operation – especially handy in smaller work spaces
Bright yellow colour for good visibility
Compact design for easy storage and manoeuvrability in smaller facilities

Whether you’re a small retail outlet or a large factory, a fork stacker can help streamline operations and improve worker safety at your facility.

Introducing The Mini Winch Stacker

The new mini winch sticker from Richmond is the ultimate in ergonomic lifting. With a capacity of up to 150kg, this manually operated cable winch stacker features:

A super tough but lightweight steel construction
Full cable housing
Adjustable forks that go from 132mm up to 520mm
Hand winch for easy operation
Handles with rubber grip
2 x 100mm rubber loading wheels
2 x 100mm polyurethane brake castors
Excellent manoeuvrability and stability
Bright yellow colour for good visibility
A solid 500mm x 530mm x 90mm platform (a standard addition with this model)

For more information on this or any of our products, please feel free to contact the team at Richmond by phone, email or online enquiry form. We are always happy to discuss your individual needs so we can advise on the best products for your application. You can also contact our stores directly by finding your local store details in Perth, Darwin, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne.