Wheelie Bin Tippers

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  • Simpro Ezi-MT Manual Bin Lifter 1.5m (WBL1500MAN)

    $3,960.00 inc GST
  • WBL1600 Simpro Multi-Tip electric wheelie bin tipper

    Simpro Multi-Tip Bin Lifter 1.6m (WBL1600)

    $8,800.00 inc GST
  • Simpro Dumpmaster wheelie bin lifter emptying yellow wheelie bin

    Simpro Dumpmaster Bin Lifter 1.8m (WBL1800B)

    $13,585.00 inc GST
  • Solar power kit for Dumpmaster bin tipper

    Dumpmaster 24V 80W Solar Power Kit (WBLSOLAR)

    $1,540.00 inc GST
  • solar kit for multi-tip bin lifter

    Multi-Tip 24V 80W Solar Power Kit (WBLSOLAR02)

    $1,540.00 inc GST

Showing all 5 results

Buy Powered Wheelie Bin Lifters

These mobile bin tippers from Simpro use an electro-hydraulic mechanism to raise your wheelie bin safely and efficiently, with emptying times as short as 15 seconds! Making your waste solutions more efficient and removing the need for manual lifting to increase worker safety.

Suitable for a wide range of wheelie bin sizes

Suitable for wheelie bins up to 240L these clever automatic wheelie bin lifters take all the hard work and strain out of emptying your wheelie bins into skips and hoppers. They are easy to move and manufactured to last – even when used outdoors.

Shop our massive range of wheelie bins

We stock a wide range of wheelie bins that can be emptied easier than ever thanks to these intelligent mobile bin tippers, shop 80L, 120L, 140L, and 240L wheelie bins online in a wide range of colours.

We offer options to suit any industry – with the Simpro Multi-Tip Electric Bin Lifter perfect for emptying wheelie bins at a height of 1.6 metres, or the heavier duty Simpro Dumpmaster Electric bin lifter for lifting and emptying wheelie bins up to 1.8 metres.

Our expert staff all around Australia are available to answer any questions you may have. Contact your nearest Richmond store for more information.