Richmond don’t just sell wheels and rollers, we are the industry leader in manufacturing short-run precision wheels, rollers and custom drive components for many different industries. Richmond can utilise over 6 decades of experience when designing and manufacturing products for all clients. From off-the-shelf products to entirely custom designed and manufactured items, Richmond can provide a complete solution to suit any custom application.

Custom machinery often requires custom parts that enable the unique operation of the device or machine. We have made many different types of wheels, rollers, castors and other products to suit machinery. We will always have a solution for you.

Rollers are moulded to oversize dimensions allowing for final machining to exacting tolerances. Richmond wheels and rollers are unmatched in the mining and pipeline industry, with precision bearings and axle manufacturing process controls that allow for ultimate performance of all products.

Richmond pipe rollers and wheels can be machined to provide use on any surface or for direct contact with pipeline structures. Complete manufacturing control over the polyurethane moulding process allows the engineers at Richmond to provide a shore rating from 60A to 75D including the use of FRAS (Fire Retardant Anti Static) formulas when designing and manufacturing rollers and wheels for any industry.

Our onsite engineers can also help design speciality rollers for pipe products including complete drive assemblies and motorized bogey systems. Complete FRAS (fire retardant anti static) rollers and drive wheels can be made to suit any requirement or application.

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