Bevelled pipeline rollers are made with many different options available to suit different applications. Rollers can be designed and manufactured to suit a wide range of applications within the pipeline construction industry. Richmond can manufacture rollers to suit these systems with polyurethane hardness ratings ranging from 50A to 75D.

Nickel & zinc plating, galvanising, powder coating or enamel finishes are available on all pipe roller frames.

We worked in conjunction with Minemech Services (Qld) Pty Ltd, who specialise in the supply of consumables and equipment to the construction, mining & engineering industries and have supplied Bechtel, one of Australia’s most respected engineering, procurement, and construction companies with a new custom designed and manufactured pipe support and pipe roller system.

Combining expert industry knowledge and well in excess of 150 years of experience in solutions, the three companies developed this multi-purpose pipe roller for use on the far north Queensland gas lines. Throughout the design process key elements needed to be met, these included use on various pipe diameters, longevity, high load capacity and the ability to mount the pipe support and roller frame to a multiple of mountings.

In this instance, our team suggested a super heavy duty roller with a machined hardened steel inner and shaft and mechanically bonded polyurethane outer. The rollers were also fitted with precision sealed bearings. In total, the rollers have a load capacity of 5000kg. The rollers have dimensions of 125mm diameter and 250mm length. Bevel pipe rollers offer low impact solutions to launching pipelines and protect the pipe structure during the installation process.

Atmospheric conditions also play a role in the life of a pipeline and the zero impact polyurethane tyred rollers allow the pipeline to move back and forward as a result of pipe structure expansion, shrinkage or contraction. Most pipelines are covered with a protective bonded layer to insulate the pipeline and protect it from damage during installation and the life of the pipeline. The protective coating also provides a level of protection from all of the environmental elements that could impact the integrity of the pipeline.

Just as impressive as the polyurethane rollers, the frame is gold plated to reduce damage and corrosion from scratching. The frame itself can be adjusted to suit mounting points on structural steel sections or alternatively can be ground mounted courteously of its sturdy base.

In current configuration the system can handle pipe diameters from 2″ to 42″.

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