Piano Dollie 10″ Economy Puncture Proof Wheel (PDR014)

Product Name : Piano Dollies / Trolleys

Safe Working Load (kg): 250

Length (mm): 750

Width (mm): 370

Height (mm): 270

Wheel Size (mm): 250

Wheel Type: Economy Puncture Proof

Wheel Code: PF1072

The heavy duty piano trolley has been purpose built for the movement of heavy, bulky and awkward loads, including pianos and cabinetry on its flatbed design. The rigid frame is yellow, high quality, fitted with protective cushioning to secure your load. 10″ Richmond economy puncture proof wheels are made from high quality closed cell polyurethane foam. They are produced in a spinning mould that forms a dense hard wearing skin on the tyre. The tyre has high resilience and great ageing resistance. Light in weight, they provide most of the advantages of a pneumatic tyre, without the maintenance headaches. They are non-marking in normal use.