Heavy Duty Theatre Dollie with Poly Ci Wheels (TRICASTOR5)

Load Capacity: 750kg
Wheel Type: Polyurethane Tyred Cast Iron Centred
Wheel Diameter: 100mm
Height: 168mm

With a heavy duty, robust top plate and a high load capacity, these dollies can maneuver heavy loads with ease, even in tight spaces. Ideal for theatrical sets and stage equipment, this heavy duty dollie has a load capacity of 750kg. These dollies provide easy mobility to your sets and equipment and keep your production running by reducing strain and overexertion to the crew as they move sets and equipment around the stage.

The design of this triple wheel dollie is customisable to accommodate a range of different wheel types and capacities. Richmond can custom design and manufacture heavy duty dollies up to 20 tonne to suit to customers requirements.

These triple castor dollies feature the same top baseplate design as our 500 series castors.

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